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TransVirtual Increases Profits for WA Fleet Owners

by Shannon Bambling,
Jan 23, 2023
WA fleet owners increase profits
WA fleet owners increase profits

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TransVirtual has announced their transport network volumes have quadrupled in Western Australia in the past 24 months.

The expansive growth in a single state follows doubling of transport network volumes nationally in the 12-months after Australia’s rapid uptake of eCommerce in 2020. Which saw economy-wide online sales grow by 57 per cent year-on-year.

TransVirtual attribute their extraordinary volume growth in WA to a number of factors. Troy Searle, Founder and Chief Technology Officer explains:

‘In addition to the growth in eCommerce nationally, the transport and delivery industry in WA has faced a labour shortage combined with rising fuel costs, resulting in tighter profit margins and the need for greater efficiencies.

The best way to achieve these efficiencies has been to ditch clunkier, less user-friendly transport management systems or labour intensive and costly manual processes in favour of a modern TMS – and they have been choosing TransVirtual as the best system for their needs.’  

TransVirtual was founded in 2014

Founded by Searle in 2014, TransVirtual integrates with national carriers such as DHL, Mainfreight, Border Express and Aramex, and streamlines the running of a profitable transport and delivery company.

The TransVirtual software enables companies to:

▶️ Schedule deliveries through auto allocation
▶️ Optimise each driver’s daily route (saving both time & fuel)
▶️ Provides real-time vehicle tracking
▶️ Produces instant paperless proof of delivery status via a mobile app
▶️ Offers fleet maintenance capabilities
▶️ Along with accounting features & automated invoicing

TransVirtual helps customers across industries including logistics, courier services, delivery companies, transport, warehousing, distribution and freight brokerages. The platform is also suitable for companies undertaking any form of dispatch out of their premises or warehouses.

‘Companies in the transport and delivery space want full control over their destiny, they want to control their processes, data flows and IT costs, with an overarching goal of enhancing their workflow and raising their profits.’ says Searle.

‘With TransVirtual, companies can dictate, design and configure an incredible amount of data and process flow, without getting product developers involved. The entire TransVirtual team have extensive experience in the Australian transport industry and know first-hand the challenges, pain points and inefficiencies those in the industry face on a daily basis.’

What our customers say

Glen Hunt, Business Systems Manager at TSS Sensitive Freight said:

‘We had a legacy software system which presented a range of operational challenges, as it was based on old technology. After initial investigations with six vendors, I produced a checklist of things we needed. It had to be a browser based deployment system that provided workflow hooks so we could quickly and easily customise it to add value. We also needed full control over how it ran. TransVirtual allows me to do this.’

At Western Parcel Express, a company spokesperson said:

‘We needed to upgrade our TMS as our previous platform had become dated. We reviewed several products before a major customer recommended we look at TransVirtual. Who accommodated our varied and sometimes complex rate structures and provided excellent time savings to our accounts and administration staff. The team at TransVirtual understand what we need and help us make it happen.’

Another client who has made the switch to TransVirtual is First Choice Couriers. Administration Manager, Alicia Pleski says:

‘We began using TransVirtual in 2018 and since then our needs and our customers’ needs have been constantly evolving. TransVirtual are continually the best end-to-end solution with their regular development of new features, combined with the flexibility of customisation when required.’

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TransVirtual’s flexible, enterprise-grade software is priced on a pay per consignment model, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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