Meet Matt Gencevski,
Express Manager,
First Choice Couriers

“TransVirtual helps us by providing a platform with real time data and information that we can pass on to our customers and exceed their expectations”




Wollongong & Southern Highlands, NSW


Matt Gencevski

Express Manager

Courier services



Deliveries per day


Pallets moved per day

“TransVirtual have been great to work with, they’ve been very friendly, assist us with any issues that we have and they’re always communicating to us with updates or training us how to use the tools.”

- Matt Gencevski


First Choice knew they needed to modernise operations. Here is their situation pre TransVirtual:

  • Paper PODs
  • Multiple scanners
  • Everything was very labour intensive
  • Reduce the amount of paper consignment notes
  • Remove manual invoicing
  • Sign on glass
  • Proof of delivery
  • Automated invoicing
  • Customer service
  • Data insights


TransVirtual give First Choice Couriers one system that allows them to run their whole business including:

  • Visibilty through the whole journey of a delivery beyond the usual track and trace.
  • See scans for consignments without data in Unknown Scan Reports
  • GPS provided for deliveries and for driver locations.
  • User friendly interface that everyone at First Choice could get onboard with.
  • Secure data management.
  • Accounting that allows pricing consignments on creation, with any discrepancies easily identified.


“I would absolutely recommend TransVirtual to every other freight company because of their customer support, their platform is use friendly and they offer a complete end-to-end solution”
- Matt Gencevski, Express Manager, First Choice Couriers

First Choice Couriers and TransVirtual now have a partnership dating back to 2018, with some of the highlights including:

  • Improvement in efficiency and reduction in paper processes means smoother operations.
  • Many of their agents were paper based and have now come across to TransVirtual meaning automated exchange of information and a much more efficient platform.
  • Secure data is accessible at the click of a button and means First Choice can help their customers from anywhere.
  • Easily onboard new customers without the hassles they faced in the past.



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