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Accurately manage fuel levy rates and surcharges.

Track the real cost of fuel per job. No more missed charges or revenue leaks. TransVirtual lets you update fuel levy rates as you go.

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Update fuel levy rates on the go.

Create one levy for everyone, apply a certain levy to multiple customers or give each customer an individual levy – you decide. Keep on top of fuel-price variances so you’re not losing revenue. Multiply this by every job in your network and the potential cost benefit is substantial.

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What is a fuel levy?

A fuel levy rate is an additional surcharge applied on top of your standard transport fee. Keeping on top of fuel-price variances is important to prevent losing revenue. Easily customise and update fuel levy surcharges on the go, instead of having a fixed rate. This helps companies stay competitive and profitable.

Calculate fuel levy surcharges easily.

With fluctuating fuel prices, don’t get caught out under quoting for transport and logistics services. Using base rates and fuel percentages allows transport companies to quickly and efficiently quote for jobs. TransVirtual lets you easily create and customise levies and surcharges, based on percentages or flat rates, these can also be bound to a date or date range..

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Vary levies per stakeholder

Set different levies for customers and for agents and on-forwarders.

Customise levies by other variables

Customise any way that makes sense. Organise levies per zone, like metro versus regional or per freight type, like carton versus pallet. Pick a metric that works for you.

Make the system work the way you need it to

We won’t tell you how to do business. We’ll just make it happen the way you want. Apply levies per consignment or invoice. Use a percentage or a flat rate. Add account and other fees and more.

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Understanding Fuel Surcharge Calculation

Key Factors in Fuel Surcharge Rates

If you want to accurately calculate your fuel surcharges, transport companies have to closely monitor the current fuel price. These rates tend to be expressed in cents per litre and reflect the actual fuel cost. This approach helps to ensure that freight rates remain aligned with the constantly shifting and dynamic fuel market which safeguards against unexpected additional costs.

Implementing Transparent Fuel Surcharge Policies

Guaranteeing transparency in fuel levy surcharge policies is vital – especially when you want to maintain trust with your clients. Transport operators should clearly communicate how changes in current fuel cost leads to automatically adjusted surcharges. Such clarity helps your customers understand the basis of their current freight rate and makes the additional costs more predictable and justifiable.

Strategies for Effective Fuel Levy Calculation

Integrating Fuel Cost Considerations

Fuel levy calculation is critical for being totally mindful of the current fuel cost. Transport companies can utilise this data to determine their specific fuel levies and ensure that freight rates accurately mirror current trends in the fuel market. With this integration, they can offset fuel costs, including those for heavy vehicles, which makes levies a critical financial tool.

Leveraging Fuel Tax Credits

Fuel tax credits provide transport operators with a seriously useful opportunity. Then they calculate fuel levies, they should consider these rebates – especially for their heavy vehicles. That way, they can more effectively reduce the net fuel cost. With these considerations, operators can ensure fuel levels are more reflective of the actual, less rebate fuel expenditure to benefit both their companies and their clients.

Navigating the Impact of Fuel Prices on Transport Services

Adapting to Changing Fuel Prices

When responding to the constant fluctuations in the current fuel price, transport operators have to adeptly adjust their fuel levy surcharges. When they do, they ensure freight rates can be automatically adjusted to align with these changes. Such adaptability is essential for managing additional costs associated with fuel price volatility – particularly for transport services with heavy vehicles.

Balancing Costs and Customer Expectations

The real challenge for transport companies lies in balancing their increased fuel costs against customer expectations. Transparently integrating current fuel costs when considering their freight rate calculations enables companies to justify the necessity of additional costs. Such a balance is of the utmost importance when they wish to maintain total customer satisfaction while addressing the true impact of fuel price changes on the operation of their heavy vehicles – and their overall freight service.