About TransVirtual

Combining lifelong industry experience with great local service so that you increase profits, simplify processes and reclaim your precious time.
Who we are

Our founder and lead developer, Troy, grew up at the feet of drivers, hiding in warehouses and generally being immersed in the family transport business.


He holds a Multi Combination license to this day.


And it means he instinctively gets it.


He knows how time consuming paper-based POD’s and manual invoicing are (let alone when they get lost). He knows how complex route planning can be and what happens when you get it wrong.


And he knows that in this business, every second and every dollar counts.


Well, being a good locally grown boy, he didn’t stray too far. He followed his passion for software development and built a powerful transport management system (TMS) to make the transport industry better.


Enter stage: TransVirtual.


We’ve built this software from inside the industry we love and staff our team with like-minded people. People who genuinely care about helping you get the best out of it.

Why we’re different

Our instinctive and practical understanding of day-to-day operations combines with specialist software knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to make a logistics software business that is, and always will be, just a little bit different.


We are:
▪ Approachable: Our friendly, capable team is here to help with even your trickiest logistics issues
▪ Experienced: Over many years in the transport industry, we’ve seen and managed it all – from the most basic through to incredibly complex issues
▪ Experts: We have the know-how to solve your problems, so you can focus on running your business
▪ Open: We know that no two businesses are quite alike, and that’s why we work with you to tailor our solutions to your specific business needs
▪ Flexible: Our flexible software will improve your business, whether you deliver tens of thousands of consignments weekly or drive one van all day
▪ Committed: We’re happy to invest the time required to understand your business goals and provide you with solutions that help you grow
▪ Knowledgeable: You need a team and a system that’ll keep up with rapid changes in the transportation industry, as well as your business growth.

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