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TransVirtual is a complete transportation management software. Get 100% visibility across your entire network – every customer, staff, agent, sender, receiver, depot, driver, administrator – and manage them all in one system.

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Integrate with all the major carriers and 100s of smaller ones.

One of the key features our transportation management system clients love is our huge suite of integrations, here are just a few of the hundreds we have created. If you have a question around a certain integration, feel free to reach out.

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TMS System features that will save you time

Fast, Instant Proof of Delivery (POD)

Say goodbye to paper documents. With our digital POD, you can instantly verify deliveries, reducing the need for physical documentation and streamlining the confirmation process.

Fast, Instant Proof of Delivery (POD)

Know where your packages are at all times. Our advanced GPS track and trace system ensures you and your customers are always have real-time inventory tracking, showing the exact location and status of the delivery.

Driver Delivery App

Scanning barcodes instantly & optimise routes. Our intuitive app empowers drivers with features for efficient barcode scanning, ensuring accurate package handling, and dynamic route planning to avoid traffic and ensure on time deliveries.

Item Level Tracking

Know all aspects of your consignment. This feature allows to granularly track individual items within a consignment, ensuring complete transparency and reducing the chances of misplaced items.

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logistics software used for digital invoicing

TMS software features that will make you more money

Automation of Invoices

Get paid faster. We automate the invoicing process, ensuring timely billing and reducing the time between delivery and payment, improving cash flow.

Powerful Data

Make decisions on delivery routes and packages that will increase your profit margin and reduce leakage. Our analytics dashboard provides insights into the most efficient routes, package handling efficiencies, and areas of potential revenue leakage, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Flexible Rate Cards

Get paid what you deserve. Customise your pricing based on various factors like distance, package size, and timely delivery. This flexibility ensures you’re always competitively priced while maximising profitability.

What is a Transport Management System (TMS)?

A TMS system (sometimes called a transportation management solution) is a logistics platform to run every part of your transport business, from ordering, dispatch, route optimisation, consignment consolidation to automate and GPS tracking through to automated billing, invoicing and compliance. A full featured transport management software is designed to save time and money by automated repetitive manual tasks.

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TransVirtual's Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Working with logistics service providers and supply chain management comes with a high degree of pressure to ensure that the end to end shipping process is flawless. Whether its starting with order management using a warehouse management system or creating a consignment in a transportation management system, we pull apart each aspect of supply chains to find improvement. At TransVirtual, we regularly compare ourselves to other TMS systems to identify key features and improvement opportunities, priding ourselves on staying at the forefront of transport management solutions. Our recent enhancements underscore our dedication to providing our clients with the most advanced and efficient features in the industry.

Always improving our logistics app

Quickbooks Integration

Recognizing the widespread use of QuickBooks in the financial sector, we’ve seamlessly integrated it into our platform. This ensures that invoicing and financial tracking are more streamlined than ever, catering to a growing range of business operations and industries.

iOS Application

As the ever-increasing number of Apple device users grow, our new iOS application ensures that every client, regardless of their device preference, has access to our top-tier service on-the-go.

Route Optimisation

Greater efficiency is key in the transport and logistics industry. Our enhanced route optimisation tools ensure that deliveries are made in the most time-effective manner, saving both time and money.

Security Upgrades

In today’s digital age, data security is paramount. Our move from FTP to SFTP and achieving ISO certification means that the safety of our users’ data is at its best.

Other Improvements

More modern UI, consignments search & manifests, stability improvements, EDI rules and BI reporting upgrades. Look out for our bulk module coming soon with enhanced load optimisation.

Choose TransVirtual and experience the future of transport management today.

Frequently asked questions

  • What Companies Use Delivery Management Software?

    Delivery management software is essential for logistics brands looking to efficiently manage and deliver their goods. Whether your business is just getting started or fully established, an eCommerce platform or a full-sized logistics company, this software streamlines your delivery process when you need an effective, reliable, and scalable solution for delivering goods.

  • What Value Does Delivery Management Software Provide My Business?

    This software significantly enhances the efficiency of last mile deliveries and offers a range of benefits like improved delivery routing, cost savings, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and enhanced real-time tracking capabilities. All of these benefits are crucial for the final stages of delivery and can seriously transform your business’s efficiency after implementation.

  • What Are the Best Reasons to Invest in Delivery Management Software?

    Key features of delivery management software solutions like route optimization, real-time driver tracking, automated order processing, and easy integration within existing software ecosystems make it a great choice for logistics companies to deliver with added efficiency. From tracking the beginning of a shipment to last mile deliveries, you’ll see increased productivity and customer satisfaction within a short window after implementation.

  • When Should I Implement Delivery Management Software?

    Your business should consider implementing a delivery management system when managing increasing volumes of last mile deliveries becomes challenging with your current setup. With this software in place, you’ll have no trouble optimizing the efficiency and reliability of your delivery processes – especially in the crucial last mile.

  • What Types of Deliveries is TransVirtual’s Software Best For?

    TransVirtual’s software is ideal for handling a wide variety of delivery types, but especially for last mile deliveries. It helps ensure logistics brands deliver their goods effectively and on-time, and is extremely well-suited for high-volume parcel deliveries and bulky freight.

  • Why Should My Business Use Cloud-Based Delivery Management Solutions?

    With a cloud-based delivery management system, you’ll benefit from unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. It’s an exceptional choice for logistics brands looking for scalability, reduced upfront costs, and a more enhanced overall delivery management process.

  • How Long Will It Take to Implement?

    While the implementation period varies from business to business, our software is designed for quick integration, allowing logistics brands to promptly improve their delivery processes.

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