One platform, to run your entire network

All-in-one transport management system.

Get 100% visibility across your drivers, deliveries and entire network! Manage everything from one easy-to-use app.

Fully integrated, cloud-based Transport Software

TransVirtual is a complete transportation management system. Get 100% visibility across your entire network - every customer, agent, sender, receiver, depot, driver, administrator - and manage them all in one system.

  • Automated Orders (EDI)

  • Auto Driver Allocation

  • Route Optimisation

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery

  • Instant, Automated Invoicing

Real-time tracking & driver delivery app

Manage deliveries on-the-go! Accurately pick items with barcode scanning, find the fastest delivery route with turn-by-turn navigation. Sent instant customer notifications with our powerful, feature-rich mobile app.

Instant electronic proof of delivery (POD)

No more lost paper PODs. Once a signature is captured, it is instantly sent to the cloud for your admin team to process faster. No more paperwork to carry around.

Get paid faster with automated invoicing.

Invoicing doesn’t have to take you hours. No more waiting for drivers to return before issuing invoices. Once POD is captured, invoices are automatically created without manual entry. Lower costs by automating repetitive tasks.

What is a transport management system?

A transport management system is a logistics platform to run every part of your transport business, from automated orders, dispatch, route optimisation, consignment consolidation and GPS tracking through to automated billing, invoicing and compliance. A full featured transport management system is designed to save time and money by automated repetitive manual tasks.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who uses a Transport Management System?

    Everyone from manufacturers, distributors, eCommerce businesses, retailers and logistics service providers. Logistic service providers can be further categorised by Domestic Transport and Couriers, Specialist Logistics Providers, Freight Forwarders, Third-Party Logistic Providers (3PL) and Private Fleet Managers.

  • How does a Transport Management System add value?

    A cloud-based transportation management system delivers many of the same business benefits as other cloud solutions, including improved economies of scale, lower total cost of ownership, no upgrade fees and a faster return on investment (ROI).

    For IT, a cloud-based TMS provides additional benefits in the form of faster deployments, fewer hours needed for training and installation, automatic updates with the latest features and improved security.

  • Why should I invest in a Transport Management System?

    The benefits of an automated TMS are clear. The electronic and automatic communications facilitated by TransVirtual facilitate and dramatically improve productivity, speed, service levels, and visibility.

  • At what volumes do I need a Transport Management System (TMS)?

    These four key signs of growth indicate it’s time to start using transport or delivery software:

    1. Can major carriers work with you? If you’re heading into carrier contract negotiations with manually crunched spreadsheets and outdated forecasts, a TMS for parcel shipping can give you the competitive edge you need to win more favorable terms.
    2. You need more staff to handle increasing shipping volumes. Use a TMS to automate the manual work you’re hiring for.
    3. You’re getting an increased number of calls to customer service. A TMS keeps your customers in the loop at every stage, so they don’t need to expend any effort getting updates – and neither do you.
    4. You’re struggling to allocate shipping costs. With a TMS for parcel shipping, finance teams have access to real-time, accurate shipping data down to the stock – keeping unit (SKU) level, improving reporting and forecasting, and enabling you to create better disciplines around shipping spend.
  • What freight profiles does TransVirtual work with?

    We don’t limit ourselves to who we service but we work best with high volume parcels or satchels and bulky pallet goods.

  • Why should we use a cloud-based solution?

    Cloud solutions improve economies of scale, lower total cost of ownership, are free to upgrade, and typically offer a faster return on investment (ROI).

    IT teams love cloud-based solutions because they can deploy them faster, need to spend less time on training and installation, and everything updates automatically for improved security.

  • How long does implementation take?

    Some projects can be set up in a day while some can take up to 4 weeks – and don’t worry, we view implementation as a partnership and a shared process.

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