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Get 100% visibility across your drivers, deliveries and entire network! We can reduce your customer service queries, admin and finance work by over 50%

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TransVirtual is a complete transportation management software. Get 100% visibility across your entire network - every customer, agent, sender, receiver, depot, driver, administrator - and manage them all in one system.

  • Automated Orders (EDI)

  • Auto Driver Allocation

  • Route Optimisation

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery

  • Instant, Automated Invoicing

Integrate with all the major carriers and 100s of smaller ones.

One of the key features our TMS clients love is our huge suite of integrations, here are just a few of the hundreds we have created. If you have a question around a certain integration, feel free to reach out.

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Here are some of the key software features that will save you time

- Instant proof of delivery (POD): say goodbye to paperwork. - Real time delivery tracking: know where your packages are at all times. - Driver delivery app: instant barcode scanning & route planning. - Item level tracking: know where every part of your consignment is.

logistics software used for digital invoicing

Here are some TMS features that will make you more money

- Automated invoicing: Get paid faster. - Powerful data: make decisions on routes and packages that will increase your profit margin & reduce leakage. - Flexible rate cards: get paid what your deserve.

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What is a transport management system (TMS)?

A transport management system is a logistics platform to run every part of your transport business, from automated orders, dispatch, route optimisation, consignment consolidation and GPS tracking through to automated billing, invoicing and compliance. A full featured software is designed to save time and money by automated repetitive manual tasks.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who typically uses a Transport Management System (TMS)?

    A Transport Management System (TMS) is used by a wide range of businesses, including manufacturers, distributors, eCommerce companies, retailers, and logistics service providers. Logistic service providers can be further classified into different categories, such as Freight Forwarding Companies, Specialist Logistics Providers, Domestic Transport and Courier Companies, Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL), and Private Fleet Managers.

  • What value does a TMS add to my business?

    A cloud-based TMS can provide numerous business benefits similar to other cloud solutions. These can include lower total cost of ownership, improved economies of scale, no upgrade fees, and a faster return on your investment.

    In addition to this, a cloud-based TMS offers additional benefits for IT teams, such as fewer training and installation hours required, faster deployments, automatic updates that add the latest features to your software package, and enhanced end-to-end security.

  • What are the best reasons for me to invest in a TMS?

    The advantages of implementing an automated TMS are evident. With TransVirtual’s state-of-the-art electronic and automatic communications software, businesses can enhance their productivity, visibility, operational speed, and service levels.

  • When should I consider implementing a TMS?

    These four growth indicators can be used to decide if it’s time for your business to start using transport management or logistics software:

    1. Carrier negotiations: If you’re negotiating with major carriers using manually compiled spreadsheets and outdated forecasting data, a TMS for optimising your shipping and logistics processes can provide a competitive advantage, helping you secure better terms.
    2. Increased shipping volume: If you are in a position where you need to hire more staff to handle increasing shipping volumes, a transport management system can automate large portions of your physical work, thus eliminating (or at least reducing) the need to seek additional personnel.
    3. Increased customer service calls: A TMS will automate the process of keeping your customers informed at every stage. That way, they don’t need to put in any effort to get updates, and you don’t need additional staff to handle queries. This reduces the number of customer service calls and frees up staff to work on more productive duties
    4. Shipping cost allocation: A TMS for parcel shipping provides finance teams with accurate, real-time shipping data at the SKU level, enabling seamless reporting and forecasting, and improving shipping spend discipline.
  • What freight profiles does TransVirtual work with?

    We don’t limit ourselves to who we service but we work best with high volume parcels or satchels and bulky pallet goods.

  • Why should we use a cloud-based solution?

    Cloud solutions improve economies of scale, lower total cost of ownership, are free to upgrade, and typically offer a faster return on investment (ROI).

    IT teams love cloud-based solutions because they can deploy them faster, need to spend less time on training and installation, and everything updates automatically for improved security.

  • How long does implementation take?

    Some projects can be set up in a day while some can take up to 4 weeks – and don’t worry, we view implementation as a partnership and a shared process.

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