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Manage your entire network with our intuitive Transportation Management System

Maximize efficiency and gain actionable insights with TransVirtual’s TMS. We revolutionize your logistics operations with real-time tracking, seamless integration, and powerful business intelligence tools – all in one robust and secure system.

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Fully Integrated, Cloud-Based Transport Software

TransVirtual is an end-to-end transport management software. Get 100% visibility across your entire network – every customer, staff, agent, sender, receiver, depot, driver, administrator – and manage all your transportation processes in one system.

Orders (EDI)

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Electronic Proof of

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Must-Have TMS Software Features That Boost Your Bottom Line​

Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Ultimately, every business aims to achieve and maintain end-to-end visibility of their logistics operations. TransVirtual gives you the full picture by providing item-level visibility within a shipment, ensuring complete transparency and reducing instances of misplaced items.

Our specialized transport management software also facilitates a continuous flow of data so you can adjust delivery schedules and make route adjustments when necessary.

With this, stakeholders can monitor progress from start to finish and quickly act to mitigate delivery delays.

Route Optimization

Route optimization has become a basic shipping requirement in the age of ecommerce and speedy deliveries. With TransVirtual, we don’t just help you calculate the best route from Point A to B, but we’ll take to C to D in the fastest, most fuel-efficient way possible.

Driver and Delivery Management Tools

The Ideal TMS Software for Drivers

Equip your drivers with essential tools for efficiency: barcode scanning, automated load consolidation, and optimized routes. Simplify tracking, delivery, and route planning while surpassing customer expectations with TransVirtual.

Fast, Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD)

Tired of delivery paperwork and constantly having to call your drivers for updates?

As your trusted partner for tracking and logging last mile deliveries, we’ll help you eliminate all cumbersome paperwork with cutting-edge ePOD capabilities. Easily track and trace the date and time of your deliveries to protect your business and speed up the order to cash process.

Carrier Integrations

Growing list of carrier integrations

One key advantage TransVirtual has over other transport management softwre is our growing suite of integrations.

Our carrier management features include tracking carrier performance, rate negotiation, and real-time visibility into the shipment process for every order placed.

Get paid what you deserve. Customise your pricing based on various factors like distance, package size, and timely delivery. This flexibility ensures you’re always competitively priced while maximising profitability.

Customers Billing and Invoicing Features to Improve Cash Flow

Accurate Billing and Invoicing Software

Get paid faster. We automate the freight billing process, ensuring timely billing and reducing the time between delivery and payment, improving cash flow.

Accurately Manage Fuel Levy Rates

Avoid under-quoting your transport and logistics services! Our transportation management system lets you easily and accurately quote for jobs by incorporating base rates and fuel percentages. You can even bind them to specific dates or data ranges, so you never lose any hard-earned profit.

Optimize Your Pricing Strategy with Rate Cards

Streamline pricing and quoting by assigning rate cards to your clients, eliminating messy spreadsheets and endless rows of data. Customize multiple prices per delivery and have it reflected on your invoices. No matter the detail, TransVirtual can help you with it!

What is a Transport Management System (TMS)?

A transport management system (TMS) or TMS software, are platforms designed to optimize various aspects of your logistics and transportation operations. From the ability to track shipments to advanced analytics, a TMS helps businesses reduce transportation costs, improve customer service, ensure compliance and provide end-to-end visibility for stakeholders and customers alike.

A full-featured transport management software is designed to save time and money by automating otherwise repetitive and manual tasks. This ultimately leads to more streamlined supply chain operations and supply chain planning.

Learn how a TMS can streamline your transportation process by scheduling a call with our experts today!

We’re Constantly Improving Our TMS Solutions

Working with logistics service providers and supply chain management comes with a high degree of pressure to ensure that the end-to-end shipping process is flawless. Whether it’s starting with order management using a warehouse management system or creating a new delivery on our transportation management system, we pull apart each aspect of supply chains to find improvement.

At TransVirtual, we’re also regularly comparing ourselves to other transport management software providers and monitor industry trends to identify key features and opportunities to improve.

Connect TransVirtual with Quickbooks

Along with Xero, we’ve seamlessly integrated QuickBooks into our platform. This ensures that invoicing and financial tracking are more streamlined than ever, catering to a growing range of business operations and industries.

iOS Application

As the ever-increasing number of Apple device users grows, our new iOS application ensures that every client, regardless of their device preference, has access to our top- tier service on-the-go.

Route Optimization

Efficiency is key to any successful transport and logistics strategy. Our enhanced route optimization tools ensure that deliveries are made in the most time-effective manner, saving both time and money.

System Enhancements

We consistently invest in product enhancements and scaling our existing infrastructure, from modernizing our UI, EDI rules, stability improvements to BI reporting upgrades.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does a TMS system work?

    Transportation management systems (TMS) leverage technology and real-time data to help businesses plan, move, and optimize the movement of incoming and outgoing goods. It also automates otherwise time-consuming tasks, such as invoicing/billing and compliance documentation.

    Transport management systems can either be cloud-based or installed on-premise.

    Cloud-based transportation management systems, such as the platform we offer in TransVirtual, are accessed via the internet, allowing for real-time updates. They’re more scalable, secure and offer better integration capabilities.

  • What are the basic functions of a transportation management system?

    Modern TMS software includes features that ensure timely delivery of goods:

    a. Planning: A TMS helps businesses select the best carrier and mode of transport based on cost, efficiency, and distance. It also considers factors like delivery deadlines, vehicle capacities, and carrier performance. Valuable data like this ultimately leads to significant cost savings and improved delivery times.

    b. Tracking and delivery: Advanced TMS solutions provide real-time track and trace functionalities, so you get updates throughout the full lifecycle of a load. Upon delivery, you can use electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) to confirm receipt, ensuring accurate documentation.

    c. Analytics and optimization: TMS software gathers transportation data to help you forecast demand, assess rates and profitability, and swiftly adapt to unforeseen events. You can also leverage powerful analytics tools to measure and track performance over time.

    TransVirtual incorporates all these in one powerful transportation management system. Have a specific feature you’re looking for? Talk to our experts for a free assessment.

  • Who Uses a TMS?

    Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and logistics service providers of all sizes can benefit from a TMS. It’s especially useful when managing a fleet of more than ten vehicles.

    Large enterprises traditionally relied on TMS for fleet management, but the rise of affordable cloud-based solutions (like TransVirtual’s TMS) now allows smaller businesses to seamlessly integrate them into their operations.

  • How is TransVirtual TMS different from other providers?

    Unlike cookie-cutter platforms in the market, TransVirtual offers a bespoke experience tailored to your specific requirements. Our platform's extensive list of configurable features ensures that you can adapt it to suit your unique workflows and preferences. Additionally, our personalized support team provides assistance whenever you need it, ensuring that you get the most out of your TMS investment.

  • How long will it take to onboard your platform?

    Implementation varies by business, but our software is engineered to ensure quick integration, allowing you to promptly improve your delivery process and experience results.

  • How much does TransVirtual TMS cost?

    TransVirtual offers zero upfront costs, and you only pay for what you use. We suggest scheduling a call with our experts so we can discuss what you need and your business size and structure.