Reduce revenue leakage, decrease customer service queries, make drivers more accountable and make data-driven decisions on what types of freight to focus on.

Our History

Founded by Troy Searle, whose family have been in logistics for decades, and managed by a founding team with over 70 years in logistics experience. TransVirtual started in 2016, but really its foundations can be traced back to a previous business and product called Exosoft. Now resembling nothing like its predecessor, Troy built TransVirtual with the learnings and technological advancements made through his Journey. In 2021 a majority shareholding was acquired, but much to our customers delight most of the original team are still here. We continue to improve our Transport management system which is central to what we do.

Our Mission

To connect logistics businesses with accessible technology so they can move the World.


To be the best way to manage delivery and warehousing, for businesses, everywhere.

Our Values


Take ownership, especially in communication


Honest and ethical


Be a problem solver. Bring solutions


Respect and compassionate

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Our Products

We provide a leading Transport Management System, our solutions are aimed and digitizing your logistics journey, giving you visibility, control and helping you improve your bottom line.

Our expansion into additional logistics is underway with our warehouse management system, and will be followed in 2024 with more products, so watch this space.




Platform users


successful deliveries


end to end system

Meet the Leadership team

We’ve been on both sides of the industry, sat in operational teams in transport businesses and warehouses to building technology products to millions of users and businesses.

Andrew Fanner

General Manager

Andrew's a product and marketing expert with nearly 20 years experience delivering B2B and B2C solutions. Understanding customer problems and never taking no for an answer ensure he gets the job done.


Murray Phillips

Operations Manager

Murray’s background mixes transport experience, project and contract management. Having overseen the growth of TransVirtual from its beginnings he’s witnessed firsthand how it can revolutionise businesses. He understands the importance of effectively managing change and is passionate about seeing our staff and clients realise their potential.


Andrew Burg

Integrations Manager

Andrew brings a wealth of experience across a range of IT roles and matches it with a long family history in logistics. He wears many hats including technical and integration responsibilities however Andrew is just as happy playing with servers and infrastructure as he is consulting and guiding clients into efficient business processes and workflows.


Matt Corby

Support Manager

Matt is a transport professional with a 10+ year background in the industry. He has worked with Australia Post before managing a successful regional warehousing and transport company using TransVirtual. This considerable experience is matched by a lifelong interest in IT making him the perfect person to manage our support team. His daily contact with users gives him a practical view of what’s required to implement and run a successful business using TransVirtual.


Adam Nicholls

Marketing Manager

Adam has a strong background in digital marketing and has also managed departments, worked in operations and owned his own business (a wine tour business). He loves to work on lots of...


Anthony Harding

Head of Sales

Anthony has a Sales management career spanning over 20 years. Having worked across a number of SaaS organisations, helping build successful sales channels and working closely with customers to ensure they reap the benefits out implementing new technology solutions; has been a mainstay of his work.


Jason Zuvela

Engineering Manager

Jason has over 15 years experience building and managing successful software products. He has worked with clients across multiple industries, from banking to education, and dealt with all kinds of projects spanning a cloud first approach and legacy systems. Jason strives to ensure well designed and expertly implemented solutions are delivered in a timely manner, with high standards for reliability, efficiency and impactor use experiences.


Will Barclay

Customer Success Manager

Will is an accomplished Customer Success Manager who knows success lies at the intersection of solving your problems to generate growth.


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