Electronic proof of delivery software

Electronic Proof of Delivery Software means no more paper PODs

Have complete control with proof of delivery software. Track deliveries digitally, improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Tools for fast and easy track and trace

Track delivery digitally, improve efficiency and customer confidence. It’s seamless, paperless and gives real-time updates on delivery progress over the whole delivery cycle.

Reduced Paperwork

Digital, real-time records for the whole delivery cycle. No more lost paperwork or missed invoices.

Manage customer expectations

Keep customers in the loop with real-time tracking. Take and store images as standard practice so when things go wrong, you have the data to solve issues. It’s just easier.

Sign on glass

Capture signatures electronically. Record pickups and deliveries instantly. Drivers can send confirmation to the customer while they’re still on the doorstep. Set up contactless delivery for driver and consumer safety in a post-COVID world.

Proof of presence

No more customers doubting drivers were really there. GPS tracking, photos plus scan QR or barcodes and prove they’re at the right address.

Schedule driver itineraries

Manage driver workloads and schedule deliveries strategically using a combination of automated and manual processes.

Manage vehicle loading

Pre-allocate based on pre-defined rules then manually override as you watch vehicle loading happening live on your desktop.

Handle exceptions

Flexibility means you can scan every item or single out the special ones. You can change delivery settings for a single delivery or an entire fleet.

Create industry workflows

Don’t get locked into someone else’s process. Make rules for specific customers or freight profiles.

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