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Last Mile Delivery Software that solves your biggest challenges

Streamline your delivery operations with our advanced last-mile delivery solutions. Ensure timely, efficient service with real- time tracking, optimized routes, and automation.

Cloud-Based Last Mile Logistics Software

Every second matters in the last mile. With over 500 configurable features, including real- time last mile tracking, we help you ensure that packages arrive on time, every time.

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Electronic Proof of

Instant, Automated

Real-time data for your last mile tracking needs

Stay informed with our real-time tracking feature, giving you minute-by-minute updates on your package’s exact location, just like Lyft or Uber.

Track every step of your delivery journey

Eliminate uncertainty with our cutting-edge real-time tracking, offering precise package locations every minute.

Stay ahead with instant updates, efficient route planning, and comprehensive delivery insights to ensure your packages arrive on time.

Improved courier and driver communication

Send couriers or drivers clear instructions via our last mile software. They’ll receive instant alerts while you can trace the job status in real time.

Offer a speedy and superior delivery experience

Don’t get caught up with delays. Conquer the last mile with fast and reliable deliveries that exceed customer expectations.

Multi-stop route optimization

Find the fastest itinerary along multiple stops. Spend less time driving and more time delivering.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Prevent disputes while increasing customer trust. Capture delivery confirmations via electronic POD, complete with signatures and photo proof.

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Optimize productivity and profitability

Last mile delivery software can greatly improve the efficiency and profitability of your delivery operations.

Last mile tracking and analytics

Our last mile delivery platform not only offers real-time tracking but also supports long-term business needs with robust reporting options, enabling detailed performance analysis at a granular level.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why is it called last mile delivery?

    To clarify, the last mile isn’t literally an actual mile, it’s often several miles that covers the final part of the delivery: The journey of a parcel from the warehouse to a customer’s doorstep.

    This applies to various deliveries: from online order fulfillment to pharmaceuticals and even food.

    While it sounds like a no-brainer, last-mile delivery operations are the most critical and challenging part of the logistics process. Delivery delays, rising fuel costs, or failed deliveries make last-mile deliveries notoriously complex.

  • What is a last mile delivery platform, and what can it do for your business?

    Last mile delivery software, as the name implies, helps you manage the final and most critical stage of the delivery process: the last mile.

    Through last mile delivery software, you can leverage algorithms and real-time data to optimize delivery routes, predict accurate delivery times, and provide timely updates to customers.

  • What are last-mile delivery KPIs?

    As with any business or industry, it’s good to track metrics to help you measure and improve your last-mile performance.

    There are different last-mile delivery metrics to track, including Delivery In Full On Time (DIFOT), first-time delivery success, delivery vehicle capacity, and costs.

    You can establish, benchmark, and monitor your progress within TransVirtual’s last mile delivery platform. Regularly monitor your progress towards these goals and adjust as needed to drive continuous improvement.

  • How does TransVirtual’s last mile delivery software differ from the rest?

    We have a dedicated team who are passionate about transport and logistics behind the scenes. Rest assured, our software is tailored to fit the industry's unique requirements.

    Our last mile delivery platform goes beyond basic tracking and route optimization, you get over 500 customizable solutions that were built to solve last mile delivery challenges.

What is Threshold Delivery

Join the thousands of companies conquering the last mile with TransVirtual.

Save time, lower costs and get 100% visibility across your network with end-to-end last mile delivery software designed to streamline your operations.