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Courier Software for seamless dispatch, tracking & delivery

Optimize your delivery operations with our courier management software, proven to work best for carriers, freight brokers, or dispatching services.

Online courier management software that’s built on the cloud

Designed for the modern, fast-paced delivery industry that you know today, our courier software leverages the latest technology to empower your entire operations.

Orders (EDI)

Auto Driver


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Cloud-based courier software designed to grow your business

Secure in the cloud

Courier management and dispatching shouldn’t be resource-extensive. With our cloud-based solution, you can quickly scale up or down without the need for extensive IT investments.

Tools for seamless dispatch and delivery management

Schedule jobs

Our courier management system makes scheduling delivery jobs a breeze. Stay on top of workflows with TransVirtual, whether you’re pre-planning upcoming jobs or assigning drivers to outstanding pickups.

Route planning and optimization

Efficient delivery route planner with powerful optimization features. Keep drivers safe, deliveries on schedule, and your customers happy.

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)

Go paperless and track delivery records digitally, so you never lose or misplace delivery information again.

Powerful automation that saves time and reduces administrative costs

Instant, automated invoicing

Improve cash flow with an invoicing system built into our courier software. Generate accurate invoices for your delivery and on- demand services.

Automated Orders (EDI)

Enhance your routed operations with our Automated Orders (EDI) feature, enabling efficient electronic data interchange for quicker, error-free deliveries across ecommerce platforms.

Our courier management system lets you connect with a growing list of services through API integrations.

Courier management has never been this easy with live tracking, ETA updates, and cost transparency.

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What is courier software?

Courier management systems are a type of logistics software that runs and optimizes key processes, from automated orders, dispatching software, and route optimization to GPS tracking and automated billing and invoicing.

TransVirtual’s full-featured courier management system is designed to help you save time and money with every mile. Integrations are also at the heart of our platform, allowing you to seamlessly exchange data between systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs courier software?

    Companies that benefit from courier delivery software include ecommerce businesses, delivery service providers, and manufacturers. These industries typically operate at a fast pace, requiring automated workflows, real-time tracking, and route optimization to meet customer demands.

  • What are the benefits of courier management software?

    Delivery tracking is no longer a nice-to-have for courier companies. Today, it’s a necessity that gives them a competitive edge. Fortunately, TransVirtual satisfies the need for a robust and feature-rich courier management system.

    Save time and money: TransVirtual leverages real-time data and tracking software to reduce the time needed to complete each delivery run, resulting in happy customers and less labor/fuel costs.

    Dispatch in seconds: No more messy boards or spreadsheets for scheduling. Plan runs ahead and sync the data with your drivers so they can instantly see their tasks for the day.

    Grow as you go: We offer flexible pricing so you can expand when you’re ready. You can also monitor growth and performance analytics on our courier management app. What are examples of courier services?

  • What are examples of courier services?

    Courier services come in various types, such as same-day, next-day, international, and standard deliveries. Some companiesoffer express delivery and on-demand delivery services as well.

    If you need a platform to help guarantee fast deliveries and if you’re handling high-volume parcels make sure you talk to our experts and we’ll assess how we can help!

  • What makes cloud-based courier software a better option?

    All businesses want to scale and be secure while keeping operational costs low. With TransVirtual’s courier delivery software, you get all that plus automated updates so you’re always in the loop when new features or fixes are deployed.

  • How long will it take to implement your courier management software?

    Implementation varies by business size and requirements, ranging from a single day to up to four weeks. Rest assured, we’ve made sure that our system is easy to install and integrate with your existing process, minimizing any possible disruptions.

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