Reverse invoicing made simple

Generate reverse invoices accurately

TransVirtual simplifies reverse invoicing by allowing businesses to generate and issue invoices to suppliers or partners.

Automated reverse invoicing

Reverse Invoicing is when the buyer creates and issues the invoice instead of the seller. It’s a common occurrence in B2B transactions, streamlining accounting methods and giving buyers more control. With TransVirtual, you get to effortlessly automate reverse invoicing for numerous business partners or contract accounts with our app.

Reverse Invoicing Simplified

Sometimes, it makes sense for you to create an invoice on behalf of a supplier. Save time reconciling and reduce risk of error.

Generate Invoices for Your Network

Generate automated invoices for agents, carriers, or subcontractors. It’s fast, convenient, and easy.

Build Trust and Avoid Costly Errors

Compare as you go. Validate the invoices you receive line-by-line. Ensure you’re getting paid accurately.

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Enhance Invoicing Accuracy with TransVirtual

Simplify finance management with TransVirtual’s billing and invoicing feature.