Improved freight rate management

Track and control charges with logistics Rate Cards

Leverage transport rate cards to track and control charges for one or many clients. And then, integrate invoices seamlessly with an invoicing system.

Rate card management that’s both customizable and flexible

Whether you charge per carton or pallet (or both!), you can easily customize logistics rate cards and calculate them on the spot.

Set rate schedules

No need to manually monitor start and end dates. Our system lets you set up start-to- expiry dates, automatically managing them to ensure accurate billing and timely updates. You can also set an optional increase or decrease to your rates.

Manage complex rate cards

Simplify billing per region by assigning specific rate cards from their place of origin to different zones. You can also specify if you’re charging by weight, quantity, or flat rates (more rates are available on the system).

Transport rate cards that save your team time and money

Set up Pro Rata weight rates

Want to charge extra for excessive weights? TransVirtual’s logistics rate cards automate that for you, so your business never operates at a loss.

Add multiple customers per rate card

Easily manage and customize billing for multiple clients on a single rate card.

Advanced Freight Rate Management

Set multicarrier rates

Freight managers can easily set multicarrier rates on our system, allowing customers to select from a range of prices available to them.

Group deliveries for easy management and customization

Stop duplicating deliveries to add prices after invoicing. Set various prices per delivery for multiple invoices with as much detail as necessary.

Automated invoicing

Once you’re done, TransVirtual’s rate cards help you manage and track client charges, which you integrate with the accounting system.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are logistics rate cards?

    Logistics rate cards (or transport rate cards) are structured systems used by companies to determine and apply charges for various services, including storage, pick and pack, and delivery.

    Rate cards allow companies to establish custom pricing models for their clients, enhancing billing accuracy for the services provided.

  • What should a rate card look like?

    Rate cards consist of a structured list of prices or charges associated with various services offered by a company or individual. It can also include any applicable discounts, terms of service, or conditions that impact pricing.

    In the context of logistics, logistics rate cards often take into account distance traveled, weight, volume, or service level. With TransVirtual, you can customize your rate card according to your business requirements. It’s a surefire way to provide transparency regarding your company’s pricing structure, fostering loyalty and trust in the long run!

  • What are the benefits of logistics rate cards?

    Rate cards present many benefits for freight managers and your partners.

    Through automated systems, such as the one we offer at TransVirtual, you get to save time in tracking cost changes, get notified when rate cards expire, and help you sync the information between your business and partners.

  • Are your rate cards free to use?

    Rate cards are included in our transport management system (TMS).

    Along with effective rate card management, you’ll also enjoy a range of features from electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) to barcode scanning – all included on our TMS. We’ve made sure to keep pricing as flexible as possible, so you only pay for what you use!

  • How does TransVirtual assist in rate card management?

    TransVirtual rate cards help you manage even the most complex pricing structures. You can define various rate cards and charging methods for each client. For example, one client might be charged based on pallet spaces, while another is charged based on the total weight of their stored items.

    Simply build these rate cards and our system automates calculations and invoicing. Plus, you don’t need to worry about errors as long as your rates have been loaded in the system correctly.

Join thousands of companies leveraging our rate cards for streamlined pricing and efficient logistics management.

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