Transport Billing & Invoicing

Track and control charges better with rate cards.

TransVirtual’s rate cards let you track and control charges for one or many clients, and integrate with the invoicing system.

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Tools for quick and easy rate cards

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and additional data entry. Stop wasting time with manual rate cards.

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Powerful overrides

Automate exceptions and let everything unfold the way you want it to without triggering unnecessary standard alerts. Make that 700kg ‘carton’ price as a pallet without lifting a finger.

Multiple prices per consignment

No more copying or duplicating consignments to add prices after they’ve been invoiced. Multiple prices can be customised per consignment and appear on multiple invoices. Make it as detailed as you need it to be.

Simple copy and up rate functions

Stop the cumbersome duplication of work. Save time and reduce the risk of human error with simple copy and up rate functions.

Mix and match from multiple rate cards

Find the most appropriate rate card for the job and tailor it as needed. You’ll cut back on duplicating work, save resources and boost efficiency.

Add margins and markups

Easily add markups for agent, on-forwarder or carrier rates.

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The Role of Rate Cards in Cost-Effective Transport

Achieving Cost-Effectiveness with Rate Cards

Rate cards help you establish a reputation as a cost-effective transport provider. When you accurately calculate freight costs by utilizing efficient rate card management, your company can optimize its pricing strategy. This results in more competitive offerings for courier services and shipping companies that ultimately benefit the end user.

Streamlined Carrier Management Through Rate Cards

When your transport management system’s digital technology incorporates rate cards, users benefit from seriously streamlined carrier management. It’s most evident when managing complex supply chains and various transport types where rate cards reduce administrative burden while enhancing operational efficiency. Calculating charges and adjusting for market fluctuations is easier than ever.

Sophisticated Cost Calculation with Rate Cards

Price calculation for freight and transport rates is a more sophisticated process with logistics rate cards. Harnessing this digital technology helps users address the complexity inherent in managing various transport types, including international subsidiaries. With such advanced features, shipping companies and courier services can navigate freight costs with supreme precision, relying less on outdated traditional methods.