Support policy

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When you have a question, need some advice, or just want to talk to someone about the best way forward, you can choose the option that best suits your needs and budget. All support interactions are itemised on your invoice to maintain transparency.

Support Packages

Included support time πŸ…§ 30 mins / month 1hr / month 2.5hrs / month
Additional Hours $300/hr $300/hr $300/hr $300/hr
Q&A via chat, tickets (web/email) βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Support for our documented process βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Assisted setup and configuration πŸ…§ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Pre-booked phone/online meetings πŸ…§ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
On-demand phone/online meetings πŸ…§ πŸ…§ βœ“ βœ“
Modified Templates πŸ…§ πŸ…§ βœ“ βœ“
Modified EDI Export/Imports πŸ…§ πŸ…§ βœ“ βœ“
Consultation & Advanced processes πŸ…§ πŸ…§ πŸ…§ βœ“
Custom Reporting πŸ…§ πŸ…§ πŸ…§ βœ“
Custom EDI Export/Imports πŸ…§ πŸ…§ πŸ…§ βœ“

Modified Templates​

  • Includes layout changes and changes using available fields and data.

Modified EDI Export/Imports

  • Layout changes and implementation of standard EDI rules using available data fields.
  • Excludes use of loop functions.
  • Basic CSV/Excel exports and imports
  • Excludes HTML email setup.
  • Excludes Advanced formats

Custom Reporting

  • Creation and changes to custom reports using data available within the platform.

Custom EDI – Creation of custom export/import

  • Advanced formats exports
  • XML Imports

Contact Channels


Email us at

Please ensure you include as much detail regarding your enquiry and relevant examples.

Online Chat

Chat to us during business hours

We can assist with generalised questions and assist with directing you to support articles. We are unable to provide specific support regarding your account via this platform.


Call us on 02 4905 0805. All calls are considered paid support and will form part of your included hours or be charged as additional hours.


If you’ve requested changes to your account over the phone, we’ll send them to you via email for you to confirm to ensure there is no ambiguity.

Pre-Booked Meetings

Schedule a meeting via our help menu in the Transvirtual platform. We will be able to provide more detailed assistance and recommendations for configuration within your account for your use case.


General Questions

General advice, questions, directions to online resources/documentation and online videos.

Setup and Configuration

Setup, configuration, or customisation tasks completed by our support.

Issue and Troubleshooting

Identifying cause of unexpected behaviour and/or results and resolving conflict in settings and setup.


Setup and configuration of rules for data transfer between 2 systems, these can be implemented from our list of available options within our knowledgebase.


A senior experienced team member with experience in TransVirtual would be happy to book in a consultation. They will provide advice for your specific situation.

Free vs Paid Support

Transvirtual empowers users to setup & maintain their account Free support is available to assist with answering general questions to support this. Free support isn’t a substitute for paid setup/implementation support or effective training for you or your staff either online or onsite.

Free Paid
  • Short responses to basic questions
  • Email requests requiring lengthy responses.
  • Concise question and answer
  • Email conversations with repeated question and answer
  • Reporting and subsequent investigation of potential bugs or issues with steps and screenshots allowing the process to be quickly reproduced.
  • Emailed requests requiring detailed advice or training on specific workflows or processes

Reporting and subsequent investigation of potential bugs or issues:

  • without adequate information or documentation requiring detailed troubleshooting to reproduce
  • arising from user error/incorrect process
  • unable to be reproduced

Support Fair Use

Our email/tickets and online chat channels aim to address common inquiries, suspected system bugs, and basic troubleshooting as quickly as possible. It’s not designed to address complex queries or consider unique use cases. For those requests, personalised assistance regarding your account, or tailored configuration advice, you’ll need to schedule a paid support meeting with our team via our help menu. This gives us the best chance at providing a comprehensive resolution tailored to your needs.


We also uphold fair use guidelines for the frequency and volume of tickets raised by our users. Excessive requests via tickets/chat may prompt us to recommend paid support calls for further assistance.


If you’re unsure if a ticket/email/chat or support call is most appropriate or have any questions about this policy, please contact our support team via email and they will advise the most suitable channel and team member for your needs.

Response and Resolution

All requests are classified and responded to based on the targets below. We strive to exceed these times, but they may vary depending on the complexity and availability of accurate and relevant information. If a resolution is expected outside these timeframes, you will be notified as soon as possible with an update and if known, a new expected resolution date.

Initial Response

The time from when a request, issue or incident is raised, to when the task is reviewed, classified and responded to.

Final Resolution

Classification Initial Response Target Final Resolution Target
General Question 1 Business Day N/A
Setup/Configuration 1 Business Day 2-5 business days
Issue/Troubleshooting 1 Business Day 2-5 business days
Integration 1 Business Day 5-10 business days
Custom Reporting 2 Business Days 5-10 business days
Custom EDI 2 Business Days 5-10 business days

Incident Targets

An incident refers to any unplanned event that causes or has the potential to cause interruptions or reductions in the quality or functionality of the service being provided. For real time updates and alerts on current incidents, go toΒ

Classification Description Initial Response Target Final Resolution Target
Level 1 – Critical A platform-wide or high impact issue where a majority of core or critical services are offline, or unavailable and/or large numbers of services are severely restricted, and no procedural work around exists. 1 hour ASAP
Level 2 – High A wider-spread or moderate impact issue that limits access or availability of key services. There is significant impact to limited services and a work around exists that requires some additional time/effort. 6 hours 1 business day
Level 3 – Medium An isolated or low impact issue affecting non-critical services or functionality. Users can continue to use core functions, or an easy workaround exists. 1 business day 3 business days
Level 4 – Low There is no impact on the quality, performance or functionality of the existing product and/or documented help is readily available. 2 business days No resolution guaranteed


Feature Requests

We are happy to review development and feature requests via our roadmap if they fit within our current roadmap or extend existing functionality. All feedback and suggestions are welcome and seriously reviewed to see if they are possible. Unfortunately, we cannot act on every single one and the final decision on allocating development time rests solely with TransVirtual.

Emergency Assistance After Hours

If you experience significant issues with accessing or completing core tasks in TransVirtual outside of normal business hours, you can phone our on-call technical support contact on +61 2 4058 5835 and leave a message. Please provide as much relevant information as possible. We will respond as soon as possible.