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Sign On Glass saves you time by capturing signatures instantly

Drivers can send confirmation to customers while they’re still on the doorstep. Get instant proof of delivery with sign on glass technology.

logistics man scanning barcodes upon delivery / customer sign on glass

Record pickups & deliveries instantly.

Sign-on-glass technology is helping Australian transport businesses meet customer expectations with real-time delivery notifications. Instead of physical signatures, save time on manual paperwork and streamline your entire delivery process with cost-effective proof of delivery technology.

real time tracking software

Track and trace deliveries in real-time.

The main advantage of sign on glass technology is instant & secure confirmation of delivery with the option of capturing photos at time of delivery. Keeping customers up to date in real-time. Reduce ‘missing goods’ claims with electronic proof.

Contactless delivery for consumer safety.

Improve driver & consumer safety with contactless delivery. Prioritise customer and employee safety by eliminate physical contact and preventing exposure in a post-Covid world. Reducing contact time with customers also means you have more time to make deliveries.

Contactless delivery software
paperless delivery management

From pen to paperless. Increase accuracy.

Ready to ditch traditional pen and paper systems? Get paperless proof of delivery notifications in real-time with sign on glass functionality. Delivery data is instantly visible across your entire network. No more waiting for paperwork at the end of the day.

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Enhancing Delivery Processes with Sign On Glass

Revolutionising Traditional Delivery Methods

The adoption of sign on glass technology is at the very forefront of the digital transformation of the freight industry. As we replace time-consuming physical signature processes with electronic signatures, companies are improving both their operational efficiency and reducing excessive printing and its associated costs.

Integrating Digital Solutions in Delivery

As we shift toward more digital solutions in delivery processes across the freight industry, we’re able to streamline operations by integrating electronic documents and digital signatures into one location. This enhances the customer experience by offering a far more cohesive and efficient approach to delivery management.

The Role of Electronic Signatures in Modern Logistics

Transitioning from Physical to Digital Signatures

Shifting from physical to digital signatures has played a huge part in the digital transformation of the freight industry. We’ve seen significantly streamlined delivery processes while addressing costs involved in managing traditional, paper-based systems. Decidedly, it’s been a significant step toward a more efficient logistical future.

Advantages of Electronic Signatures in Delivery Operations

Incorporating electronic signatures in delivery processes has enabled companies in the freight industry to enhance the customer experience by reducing time-consuming paperwork. Electronic documents mean everything can be centralised in one location to offer greater accessibility and accuracy – in other words, it means faster delivery services that are more reliable at every point of the process.

Implementing Integrated Solutions for Delivery Efficiency

Incorporating Digital Files into Delivery Systems

Switching freight industry delivery systems to revolve around digital files is perhaps the most critical component of our industry’s digital transformation. Such an approach isn’t just about reducing excessive printing and associated costs – it also consolidates important documents in one location, streamlining both access and management.

Building a Comprehensive Digital Delivery Ecosystem

At TransVirtual, our integrated solution combining sign on glass, digital signatures, and electronic documents radically transforms the delivery process into seamless, time-saving experiences. Such integration hugely enhances the customer experience while addressing traditionally time-consuming aspects of the freight industry’s operations.