Delivery & Dispatch Software.

Dispatch, track & manage deliveries in one robust system.

Whether your connect directly or work with a freight manager, keep all of your carrier data in one place with TransVirtual’s intuitive dispatch software, fully-equipped with advanced features you’ll love.

Map displaying optimized delivery routes with waypoints and estimated delivery times

One fully-integrated dashboard for all delivery & dispatch jobs.

No matter which carrier your freight is travelling with, manage it in a single platform. You’ll have visibility over operations for easy mobile workforce management. See updates in real time, even when dealing with complex delivery routes and events. Access the answers you need, when you need them.

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Grow your business with carrier integrations.

TransVirtual is preferred and recommended by the top national and international transport carriers. Grow your business by integrating our fleet intelligence platform with the big industry players and become the preferred transport agent in your region.

Offer flexible and competitive pricing.

Allow your customers to choose what they really need, across different carriers, without the time and expense of ringing around. Our dispatch software enables businesses to optimise parcel delivery times and provide stand out service in this competitive market.

image depicting a Rate Cards interface within logistics software, displaying pricing and rate information for various shipping services and routes
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Improve efficiency & consolidate data.

It’s easier, simpler, and more efficient to have your different carriers’ pricing, POD, and invoicing data in an integrated platform and cloud based solution. Offer real-time customer updates and spare them from searching multiple apps for status updates.

What is dispatch software?

Delivery dispatch software allows you to view, track, and manage deliveries in real-time across multiple carriers, giving you complete visibility and full control from a central location. Know where freight is at all times with GPS driver tracking and increase speed and accuracy with automated processes.

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Join tens of thousands of companies delivering better with TransVirtual.

Save time, lower costs and get 100% visibility across your network with a fully integrated delivery & dispatch software for your entire team.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through Dispatch Software

Streamlined Operations for Improved Service Delivery

Service dispatch software revolutionises your business operations while reducing operating costs. TransVirtual’s not only simplifies job scheduling and dispatch operations – it also adheres to service agreements. When you’re managing operations more effectively, your business gets to reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction.

Integrate Customer Service Tools on Our Dispatch Software

When you incorporate customer service tools within your dispatch software, you’ll gain complete control over service management and improve customer service. With this dedicated web portal, you efficiently handle job assignments and service dispatch, bolster operational efficiency, and more.

You’ll benefit from a transportation management system that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations through unparalleled tech support and service.

Empowering Businesses with Advanced Asset Tracking​​

Real-Time Asset Tracking for Optimal Resource Utilisation

Asset tracking is a key cornerstone for effective delivery and service operations. Our cloud-based software provides real-time GPS tracking and access to fleet operations data. These features are crucial for optimising operating costs and ensuring efficient resource allocation, contributing to more streamlined and cost-effective delivery operations.

Enhanced Management of Delivery and Service Technicians​​

TransVirtual's software excels in facilitating the management of delivery and service technicians through advanced job scheduling and dispatch capabilities. Our intelligent scheduling solution also helps you ensure accurate job assignments and service agreements. This reinforces our position as a leading global provider of freight broker and service dispatch software.

Optimising Logistics with Intelligent Route Planning

Sophisticated Route Planning for Timely Deliveries

Our dispatch software, integrated within our transportation management system, employs sophisticated route planning to enhance delivery operations and streamline fleet operations. With this approach, you'll ensure timely and efficient job scheduling and optimize overall performance. Sophisticated algorithms coupled with cloud-based technology also provide your business with the tools it needs to seamlessly manage operations and improve customer service.

Adaptive Solutions for Diverse Logistics Needs​

Our service dispatch software has innate adaptability for diverse logistics needs – from freight broker software to dedicated service management solutions. You get complete control over dispatch operations by incorporating unparalleled tech support and a cutting-edge technology solution. The result: a seamless integration of scheduling, dispatching, and GPS tracking features that optimise your logistics chain and enhance operational efficiency.

Dispatch Software FAQs

  • Who benefits from dispatch software?

    Dispatch software benefits a number of business operations. It's particularly useful for companies in the transport and logistics industry that want to overcome manual scheduling inefficiencies.

    Trucking businesses and shipping companies use service dispatch software to manage the movement of fleet. From transportation dispatch and fleet tracking to route optimization features, you'll find a number of features handy for improving the delivery process.

  • Can small businesses and mid sized businesses benefit from dispatch software?

    Yes, our packages can be tailored for mid-sized and small businesses. Our aim is to help your scheduling and dispatch needs, even with a limited number of vehicles.

  • Can your dispatch software integrate with different systems?

    Absolutely! You can integrate TransVirtual with several business and accounting software (Xero and MYOB). We're continuously working on integration capabilities to make your work easier.

  • Does your dispatch software support mobile devices?

    Yes, our platform functions as a web based solution and a mobile app, it's available to download for iOS and android.

  • How is dispatch software different from other logistics systems?

    Dispatch software, as the name implies, focuses on the real-time management and coordination of delivery operations, including resource and route planning. Its overall goal is to help you manage operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure timely deliveries.