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Delivery Management Software that will transform your business

Whether you manage the deliveries of a couple of drivers or millions of consignments, our paperless delivery management software features have you covered. With driver tracking & instant proof of delivery.

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Cloud based, scalable and affordable delivery management software.

Cutting-edge technology and features to run your entire delivery business. When seconds matter, achieve new speeds with fully automated dispatch workflows. Get the data to your drivers and the vehicle on the delivery route immediately. Even when things change suddenly.

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Manage your delivery operations with ease

Get back in the driver’s seat with these efficient, exceptional delivery management software features:

Consignment consolidation

Multiple consignments going to a single location are automatically consolidated in the app to ensure maximum driver efficiency. Just capture one signature.

POD management

Deliver freight for multiple customers with a single signature. We’ll automatically return the POD back to every sender, in exactly the format they require, live as it happens.

Driver alerts

Ensuring drivers complete the correct delivery process is easier when you can fully customise live, pop up alerts in the mobile app. For reliable delivery, stop/hold freight from being loaded or misdirected and never miss an ATL again with intelligent data mining to trigger driver alerts.

Business Growth: Scaling New Heights

Old school delivery processes & systems waste time. They consume hours that you’d rather spend on growing your business, and improving customer satisfaction and relationships with partners. That’s why TransVirtual helps to automate those routine tasks, freeing up your valuable time for strategic planning and customer retention. It shouldn’t be seen as just a maintenance feature – it’s more like a catalyst for taking your delivery business to the next level.

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Route Planning: Optimise Your Deliveries

You know that speed isn’t just a luxury in the logistics business – it’s a competitive edge. Traditional route planning methods are outdated, frequently causing delays and eroding customer trust. With TransVirtual, you’ll find an absolute game-changer in the form of automated route optimisation. This feature ensures every driver takes the most efficient route possible to reduce delays and guarantee positive customer experiences.

Frequently asked questions

  • What Companies Use Delivery Management Software?

    Delivery management software is essential for logistics brands looking to efficiently manage and deliver their goods. Whether your business is just getting started or fully established, an eCommerce platform or a full-sized logistics company, this software streamlines your delivery process when you need an effective, reliable, and scalable solution for delivering goods.

  • What Value Does Delivery Management Software Provide My Business?

    This software significantly enhances the efficiency of last mile deliveries and offers a range of benefits like improved delivery routing, cost savings, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and enhanced real-time tracking capabilities. All of these benefits are crucial for the final stages of delivery and can seriously transform your business’s efficiency after implementation.

  • What Are the Best Reasons to Invest in Delivery Management Software?

    Key features of delivery management software solutions like route optimization, real-time driver tracking, automated order processing, and easy integration within existing software ecosystems make it a great choice for logistics companies to deliver with added efficiency. From tracking the beginning of a shipment to last mile deliveries, you’ll see increased productivity and customer satisfaction within a short window after implementation.

  • When Should I Implement Delivery Management Software?

    Your business should consider implementing a delivery management system when managing increasing volumes of last mile deliveries becomes challenging with your current setup. With this software in place, you’ll have no trouble optimizing the efficiency and reliability of your delivery processes – especially in the crucial last mile.

  • What Types of Deliveries is TransVirtual’s Software Best For?

    TransVirtual’s software is ideal for handling a wide variety of delivery types, but especially for last mile deliveries. It helps ensure logistics brands deliver their goods effectively and on-time, and is extremely well-suited for high-volume parcel deliveries and bulky freight.

  • Why Should My Business Use Cloud-Based Delivery Management Solutions?

    With a cloud-based delivery management system, you’ll benefit from unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. It’s an exceptional choice for logistics brands looking for scalability, reduced upfront costs, and a more enhanced overall delivery management process.

  • How Long Will It Take to Implement?

    While the implementation period varies from business to business, our software is designed for quick integration, allowing logistics brands to promptly improve their delivery processes.

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Join thousands of companies delivering better with TransVirtual.

Save time, lower delivery costs and get 100% visibility across your network with a fully integrated end-to-end delivery management system to run your entire delivery business.

Elevate Your Efficiency

Pick and pack optimised workflows.

Managing driver schedules has always been a complex task, especially when bogged down by an outdated delivery management system. Missed pickups and delayed deliveries are usually the unfortunate results. But TransVirtual’s Delivery Management platform changes all of that with real-time tracking and automated delivery routes to streamline every aspect of the delivery management processes. You’ll find that even your most complicated runs turn out to be timely deliveries and well-coordinated – every time.

Customer Satisfaction: The Ultimate Reward

A traditional delivery management system usually leaves customers in the dark. This can lead to confusion, frustration, and rapidly disintegrating confidence in your business. TransVirtual’s effective Delivery Management Solution offers innovative solutions, with real-time tracking and highly accurate ETAs to put customer experience first. The end goal isn’t to simply meet customer expectations, it’s customer retention – to exceed expectations at each turn in the road, turning satisfied customers into loyal advocates.

Cost-Effectiveness: More Than Just Fuel Savings

Route optimization is a powerful tool– but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our Last Mile Delivery Management Software has intelligent algorithms that also consider traffic patterns and real-time traffic conditions to ensure your drivers are always on the optimal route. And it’s not all about saving on fuel costs. When we help you streamline your delivery operations and cut back on manual tasks, you’ll cut down on labor costs and administrative overhead. When your margins are razor-thin, this will be your competitive edge.

Flexibility: Adapt and Thrive

If you’ve spent a lot of time in delivery services, you’ve likely found yourself scrambling during those seasonal surges. Fortunately, TransVirtual’s Delivery Management Software is built for adaptability. With its scalable software architecture, you’ll be able to ramp up your delivery operations effortlessly during peak times. It’s not just about managing demand as it reaches new heights – it’s about capitalizing on new opportunities and ensuring you’re always ready to seize the moment.

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The Final Mile: Why TransVirtual is Your Next Step

Why continue using those outdated delivery management systems when you know a truly transformative solution is within your reach? TransVirtual’s Last Mile Delivery Management Platform is much more than a tool – it’s an operational upgrade. From dramatically more efficient routes to full customer satisfaction, it’s time to let your business set a new standard in delivery services. When you’re ready to take the next step, schedule your strategy session with the TransVirtual team and discover a new paradigm of efficiency and success.