screen displaying a delivery driver app with a map, order details, and navigation options

Delivery Management

Delivery Driver App that makes managing deliveries simple

Completing pickups and deliveries is just the beginning. With TransVirtual, you get an entire platform built around a powerful, feature-rich mobile app.

Get the edge with 100% visibility to deliver your freight faster!

Use powerful features to take advantage of 100% visibility and deliver your freight faster: barcode scanning, electronic POD, route optimisation, delivery management, driver tracking. Beyond speedy deliveries, complete visibility also means efficient troubleshooting and better communication. Save time, lower costs and retain your happy customers. Get the edge when you deliver freight faster than your competitors.

delivery driver scanning barcodes in warehouse

POD management

Deliver freight for multiple customers with a single signature. We’ll automatically return the POD back to every sender, in exactly the format they require, live as it happens.

Unique item-level barcode scanning

Read any supplied barcode format. Our scanners support 1D and 2D QR codes. Multiple users can scan at once. Create manifests live, in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Driver and GPS tracking

Automated driver tracking means less disruption on the road and faster deliveries. You’ll see exactly where drivers are and whether or not they’re on schedule. Stop interrupting them for customer updates.

Join thousands of transport companies leveraging the power of TransVirtual.

Save time, lower costs and get 100% visibility across your network with a fully integrated end-to-end logistics system to run your entire operation.

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