Delivery Management

End-to-end delivery driver app, from GPS tracking to electronic proof of delivery

Pickups and deliveries are just the beginning. Transvirtual offers an all-in-one solution for scaling your delivery and customer service operations. 

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Our Value and Impact

A delivery driver app that optimises efficiency and accountability in deliveries. 






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Electronic Proof of Delivery and More

Gain 100% visibility into your transport network with powerful features like barcode scanning, driver tracking, and electronic POD. Ensure speedy deliveries and improve customer service for a competitive edge. 

Real-time visibility software tracking

POD management

Drivers can capture images and digital signatures via their mobile phones. Once proof of delivery is obtained, instantly send it to customers and back offices. This means less paperwork and more accurate (and faster) deliveries. 

Streamline subcontractor management

Expand your transport business without the hassle of managing multiple systems. Have your subcontractors upload PODs and more on Transvirtual to create a more centralised workflow. 

Secure record keeping

Store all PODs on your Transvirtual account, making it easier for teams to manage, retrieve, and analyse records.  

Our system enforces robust security measures, ensuring all your company and customer data are kept confidential.

Speed Up Deliveries

Speed up your deliveries with powerful tools for the road. From route optimisation to consignment consolidation, equip your drivers with everything they need to improve their day-to-day deliveries. 

Route optimisation and turn-by-turn directions

Make sure your drivers are taking the most profitable and efficient routes, even when there’s changes down the road. 

Consignment consolidation

Multiple consignments going to a single location are automatically consolidated to save time and money. 

Route Optimisation

Deliver freight and exceptional customer service

With Transvirtual, delivery information flows seamlessly from dispatchers to drivers and to your valued customers.

Real-time tracking and notifications

Track the real-time movement of items and share information between managers, drivers, and customers, ensuring everyone is informed.  

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Save time, lower costs and get 100% visibility across your network with a fully integrated end-to-end logistics system to run your entire operation.