Delivery driver routing and management software

Delivery driver app that turns a smartphone into a powerful tool for success

Pickups and deliveries are just the beginning. Equip your drivers for success with an app that’s complete with barcode scanning and Sign on Glass technology.

Get 100% visibility throughout your network to accelerate freight deliveries

Use our dashboard and TransVirtual’s delivery driver app to track your drivers’ locations in real-time. Beyond speedy deliveries, complete visibility also establishes improved communication between dispatch and drivers, allowing you to tackle any issues down the road. Get the edge you need to deliver freight faster at a lower cost.

All-in-one delivery driver app that’s powerful and easy to use

Speed up planning and deliveries with powerful tools for routing, POD, and delivery allocation. Locate freight and resolve issues in real-time so you never miss a deadline.

Consolidate deliveries

Our app consolidates multiple deliveries going to a single location, ensuring maximum driver efficiency. You only need to capture one signature.

Route optimization with turn-by-turn directions

Simplify delivery while boosting DIFOT/OTIF rate with our navigation feature. If drivers deviate from the planned route, the delivery driver routing software guides them back by showing the route and providing the next best re-entry point.

POD management

From signatures to monitoring extra charges, our delivery driver software has everything you need to speed up the order- to-cash process.

Unique item-level barcode scanning ​

Our scanners support any supplied barcode format, including 1D and 2D QR codes, and allow multiple users to scansimultaneously. Create manifests in real- time, significantly faster than before.

Sign on glass and photo capture

Replace mountains of paperwork with simple, easy-to-use Sign-on-Glass (SoG) technology. Capture electronics (and photos) at the time of delivery and send them directly to our system for automated invoicing.

Innovative delivery driver app for your back-office and drivers

Delivery driver management software built to boost productivity and improve workflows for drivers, planners, and operational managers.

Android and iOS (iPhone) compatible

Record proof of delivery, leverage live track and trace, and barcode scanning in a powerful, yet intuitive delivery driver app.

Real-time data exchange

Have your drivers complete and send reports or delivery confirmation on the app and transmit it instantly to the cloud. This way, information is easily shared between managers, drivers, and customers.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What app do delivery drivers use?

    Delivery drivers typically use different apps for GPS, barcode scanning, and delivery confirmation. At TransVirtual we’ve integrated all these features in one powerful, but easy-to-use delivery driver app so there’s no need to toggle between multiple platforms to get the job done.

  • What is the best delivery driver app?

    The best delivery driver software simplifies delivery scheduling and assignment, has features such as real-time tracking and turn-by-turn navigation, and gives you the ability to document delivery and pickup information.

    TransVirtual not only includes all these features but is also compatible with iOS and Android, with automatic updates rolled out regularly.

  • Can TransVirtual track time and mileage?

    Aside from being a delivery driver routing software, TransVirtual also helps you track time, mileage, GPS, and schedules. It’s your ultimate partner in workforce management.

  • Does your delivery driver app work offline?

    Yes, our app works offline, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted even without internet connection. You can sync the data once you’re back online.

  • How much does your delivery driver app cost?

    Our app is free to download on iOS and Android. However, it is part of our transport management solution that features a web dashboard for back-office tasks. Pricing is flexible and we want to ensure you only pay for what you need.

    Get a free assessment today to learn more.

Join thousands of drivers and logistics companies using our app for efficient delivery management.

Save time, lower costs, and get 100% visibility across your network with delivery driver management software designed to run your entire operation.