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Track delivery departure and delivery times to ensure you’re meeting your KPI targets.

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Tools to raise your OTIF score

Leverage our transportation management system (TMS) to achieve your On Time In Full (OTIF) targets. From planning your daily runs and optimizing your routes to monitoring transport activities in real-time – TransVirtual has everything you need to boost your – delivery performance and outpace the competition.

Mark Deliveries as Delivered In Full On Time (DIFOT)

TransVirtual marks deliveries as Delivered In Full On Time (DIFOT is an interchangeable term for OTIF). The system does this by comparing the listed transit time to the actual delivery date.

Optimize routes and allocate deliveries

Select the best routes and adjust them as needed on the go. You can also assign outstanding pickups to available drivers to ensure timely deliveries and maintain a high OTIF score.

Sort allocated delivery jobs

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Understanding OTIF/DIFOT


(Delivered In Full, On Time) and OTIF (On Time, In Full) are metrics used interchangeably. They share the same concept and goal: ensuring deliveries are both complete and timely.

DIFOT/OTIF Calculation

Calculating DIFOT/OTIF is straightforward: divide the number of orders delivered on time and in full by the total number of orders, then multiply by 100 to get a percentage. 

For example, if 45 out of 50 orders were delivered on time and in full: 

(45/50) x 100 = 90% 

This gives a DIFOT/OTIF rate of 90%.

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