Delivery routing software

Maximize deliveries while minimizing costs with powerful route optimization software

Unlock efficiency and reliability with software that lets you plan single or multi-stop routes, track divers, and reduces your overall delivery costs.

Route Optimization Software that Takes You to Point A to B, C, and D

Efficiency goes beyond the shortest route. Our powerful route optimization software uses smart algorithms and data to find the safest, most hassle-free routes for your fleet. You’ll breeze through point A, B, C, D and beyond in record time while saving on fuel costs. Just scan your deliveries and let our platform handle the rest.

Tools to simplify your delivery network

Delivery operations, asset tracking and freight coming in from every direction used to be hard to manage. Not anymore.

Plan your delivery runs as efficiently as possible

It all starts with a good plan. Deliver faster by planning routes before your vehicles hit the road.

Route planning software

Our route management software calculates the most optimal route for multiple locations, arranging deliveries in a way that saves both time and fuel costs.

Pre-defined linehaul routes and manifesting

Create depot to depot runs using zone list data. With TransVirtual, you also get to enjoy hassle-free coordination for all packages, regardless of size and weight.

More than just planning optimized routes

Track delivery progress in real time, create workflows to streamline business processes, and discover more tools to shave off delivery times.

Set time & distance rates

Ensure accurate and fair pricing by applying rates based on the driving distance or time it takes between traveling two points.

Turn-by-turn navigation

Enjoy optimized, turn-by-turn navigation that eliminates guesswork while on the road. If drivers deviate from the planned route,our solution guides them back by indicating the route and offering the next best re-entry point.

Track and manage deliveries in real-time

Give your customers the 5-star delivery service they deserve. Keep them in the loop with real-time delivery tracking and accurate ETAs.

Send automated updates on delivery progress

Our delivery routing software offers automated updates on a driver’s progress, assessing driving times between locations for precise ETA information.

This feature also enhances customer service by delivering ETA updates and driver tracking links to recipients.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is route optimization software and how does it work?

    Route optimization software is a type of logistics software that helps businesses plan and optimize their routes in real time. It also improves productivity and safety by monitoring stops.

    Modern route management software, like the platform we offer at TransVirtual,does not just take you to Point A to B, it helps you plan a sequence of stops, considering several factors such as traffic, road conditions, and delivery windows.

    You start by entering the delivery addresses and other relevant data into the software. The software then uses this data to create a route that reduces travel time and distance. You can also enter special instructions, priorities, and other requirements.

    To take delivery efficiency a step further, TransVirtual’s transport management system also offers features such as GPS tracking, electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), and reporting.

  • What are the benefits of automating route optimization?

    Route management software can transform your operations in more ways than one. The most obvious is that it transforms the otherwise laborious and error-prone process of manually planning routes.

    It also helps in reducing fuel consumption, reduces vehicle wear and tear, maximizes operational efficiency, and most importantly, improves on-time delivery performance.

  • Does your route optimization software work for businesses of all sizes?

    Route planning software benefits businesses that run small or large delivery operations. If you deliver regularly, route optimization software can reduce your workload while improving productivity.

    Some industries that benefit from route optimization software include delivery, logistics, and transport companies, healthcare providers, courier and postal services, ecommerce companies, and food delivery services.

  • Is your route optimization software free to use?

    Route optimization is an additional feature integrated into our Transport Management System (TMS). To learn more about our TMS, you can visit our product page or schedule a free strategy call with our experts – no commitment necessary.

  • How does your route management software differ from free alternatives available in the market?

    Free route planning software, while cost-efficient, often goes for a one-size-fits-all approach. This means that you have limited customization options, lack real-time updates, and don’t have the scalability and reliability of premium options.

    Our delivery routing software allows drivers and dispatchers to visualize their routes from start to finish. Aside from driving distance and road conditions, your drivers can leverage turn-by-turn navigation to assess the fastest driving route from their current location to the next delivery address.

  • How long does it take to install and onboard your system?

    Implementation and onboarding vary from business to business, considering factors such as business size and requirements. However, our software is designed for quick integration, ensuring minimal to zero disruptions to your current operations during deployment.