Logistics barcode system

Mobile barcode scanners that are fast, accurate & reliable

Optimize transport operations with TransVirtual. Our logistics barcode system helps you avoid costly delays by ensuring accurate product selection every time.

Barcode system for warehouse, transportation, and logistics

Barcodes are a key technology in efficient logistics management, critical for tracking inventory and shipments, and ensuring accurate deliveries. With TransVirtual, you get to experience the efficiency of a mobile inventory scanner and improved (and speedy!) order fulfillment.

Boost supply chain efficiency with TransVirtual's logistics barcode system

Transport companies are under pressure due to soaring customer expectations, highlighting the need for clear oversight throughout the supply chain journey. Luckily, there’s a solution in your pocket: mobile barcode systems.

Unique item-level barcode scanning

Our mobile barcode scanner decodes any barcode format, including 1D and 2D QR codes. Multiple users can scan simultaneously, speeding up manifest creation in real-time.

Track inventory in real-time

Simply scan the barcode of each item as it moves through your supply chain, and our system will automatically trace its location and status in real-time. Say goodbye to manual tracking methods and hello to efficient and accurate inventory management.

Integrate with cubing systems in seconds

Effortlessly automate weight checking, cubing, and scanning functions. Prevent underreporting dimensions and revenue loss while ensuring compliance with accurate load details.

Boost Efficiency and Safety with Wireless Mobility

Embrace efficiency and safety with our portable, wireless devices. Long-range scanning ensures ease and productivity, while eliminating the need for uncomfortable stretches.

Enhance communication between teams and customers

Our logistics barcode system ensures seamless information flow within your company and with consumers. Always know the exact location of every item.

Upload and share data on the cloud

Instantly transmit data from our mobile barcode scanner app straight to the cloud. From here, you can track and trace the movement of items in real-time while keeping drivers, managers, and customers on the same page.

Efficient troubleshooting

Easily pinpoint errors in the supply chain. Quickly resolve issues to keep everything on schedule and running smoothly.

What our customers are saying

Enhance Logistics Efficiency with a Mobile Barcode Scanner

Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Enhance warehouse operations and customer satisfaction with a mobile barcode scanning app for accurate data capture.

Benefits of Portable Scanning Solutions

Portable barcode scanners transform manual data entry into efficient, automated workflows. You also get to enhance inventory accuracy and meet customer demands thanks to your speedy, reliable service.

Mobile Barcode Scanners for Enhanced Inventory Management

Integrate Mobile Barcode Scanners into Inventory Management

Integrate mobile barcode scanners into inventory management. Efficiently track stock levels to optimize inventory management processes. This streamlined approach enables real-time updates on inventory movements while minimizing the errors that often occur with manual data entry.

Live Inventory Updates

Mobile barcode scanners enable real-time data capture, offering instant updates to your back-office and warehouse teams. This feature is crucial for keeping up with the fast- paced nature of modern warehouse operations. You’ll experience a notable boost in efficiency that leads to greater cost savings and better customer service.

Store, Scan and Deliver in Record Time

Faster Order Processing

Automate routine tasks like loading, unloading, locating, delivering, and end-to-end item tracking. Barcode scanning technology also accelerates order processing by automating data entry tasks, swiftly capturing product information and providing order updates.

Mobile Barcode Technology is Constantly Evolving

Year by year, mobile barcode technology advances, shaping new standards for inventory management and supply chain efficiency. This progress not only enhances data capture abilities but also drives substantial cost savings, all while meeting evolving customer expectations.

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Experience the reliability of TransVirtual's mobile barcode scanner app

Empower your team with TransVirtual’s industry-leading mobile barcode scanner. It’s the easiest way to collect and track the data you need, from warehouse items to packages in transit.

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