Sign On Glass

Sign on Glass technology that reduces manual processes & increases productivity

Capture signatures instantly and send delivery confirmations while still at the recipient’s doorstep. Get sign on glass technology to improve delivery accuracy today.

Capture and record signatures on your mobile phone with sign on glass technology

Innovation is the key to keeping up with customer demands. Fortunately, smart solutions like sign-on-glass (SOG) technology are bringing the much-needed efficiencies companies need and customers crave. Say goodbye to illegible signatures and messy paperwork, streamline deliveries with cost-effective sign on glass technology today.

Streamline deliveries with electronic proof of delivery devices

Efficiency at your fingertips! Capture signatures straight from your mobile phone – providing customers and dispatchers instant electronic proof of delivery.

Android and iOS compatible mobile app

Whether you’re working with an Android/iOS tablet or phone, you can easily manage deliveries and capture signatures using the TransVirtual mobile app.

Sync and send data

Seamlessly sync and securely send delivery data in real-time, ensuring accurate and timely transmission of information between drivers, dispatchers, and back-office teams.

Provide safe (and efficient) contactless delivery

More and more consumers are opting for contactless delivery services. Meet this market demand and increase delivery efficiency with sign-on-glass technology.

Photo verification

Our system lets you take photos of the delivered package as proof of delivery, reducing the need for physical verification.

Contactless payment options

Set up contactless prepaid and postpaid options to minimize physical contact during transactions.

Complex delivery challenges? Solve them with TransVirtual

Our application offers more than digital proof of delivery. Drivers and dispatchers can enjoy a range of easy-to-use features to reduce errors and expedite deliveries.

Complete multi drop and short deliveries

If needed, mobile users can perform ‘Multi Drops’ where several items are delivered at the same time.

They can also complete ‘short deliveries’, or scenarios where only a part of the total items are delivered.

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Enhancing Delivery Processes with Sign on Glass Technology

Transform traditional delivery methods

 Sign-on-glass technology is a game changer for logistics companies. This innovative solution replaces traditional paper-based processes with a digital alternative. Instead of waiting for paper proof of delivery to be scanned, SoG lets you capture and send digital delivery confirmations in real time.

Reduce transcription errors

Illegible signatures and transcription errors on paper forms often lead to confusion and disputes. With Sign-On-Glass technology, electronic signatures are captured clearly and consistently, improving accuracy and minimizing errors from manual data entry.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is sign-on-glass technology?

    At its core, sign-on-glass technology securely captures and stores signatures, replacing the need for paper-based processes.

    It works by having a user sign on a touchscreen with their finger or stylus. The platform then translates the signature into a secure digital format. It can be stored for record keeping, used to confirm the completion of services, or attached to invoices.

  • Why use sign-on-glass?

    Look, we all want happy customers. Satisfied customers lead to repeat business and positive word of mouth.

    Sign on glass technology contributes to customer satisfaction by offering a modern and efficient way for customers to confirm deliveries. It’s simple, easy-to-use and resonates well with the modern, tech-savvy consumer.

    For operators, sign on glass technology addresses the challenge of providing fast and real-time delivery confirmation. It also fosters a sense of transparency between drivers, dispatchers, and customers.

    Finally, there’s the environmental impact. As everything is digitized, you reduce the need for paper and printing – which also contribute to greater cost savings!

  • How does sign on glass technology impact the invoicing process?

    Modern sign-on-glass technology, such as the platform we offer at TransVirtual, integrate seamlessly with invoicing systems to speed up the delivery to billing process.

    By eliminating manual data transfers, businesses and customers benefit from a more unified and efficient delivery experience.

  • How does sign on glass differ from electronic proof of delivery?

    Sign on glass and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software serve related but distinct functions in the delivery process. Sign on glass refers to the technology used to capture the recipient’s signature directly on a smartphone or tablet.

    Essentially, sign on glass is a specific feature within the broader ePOD system, which provides a comprehensive set of tools for verifying and documenting deliveries beyond digital signatures.

  • Does TransVirtual offer electronic proof of delivery software?

    Yes, TransVirtual offers electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software.

    Our solution includes features such as real-time tracking, digital signatures through Sign-On-Glass technology, GPS data capture, and photo verification to ensure comprehensive and efficient delivery documentation.

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