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Save time with auto consignment allocation

Manage workflows better. Always know what needs picking up and which drivers are where.

Consignment-Allocation - employee using desktop software

Tools for easy dispatching

With allocation control, you’ll always know what needs pickup and which drivers are where. Manage workflows better and cut down on missed collections.

Know what's outstanding

You’ll have visibility of every outstanding pickup at any given time. Check a live view of load details, including total and cubic weights. Match this to available drivers and items are on the road again in no time.

See driver capacity and solve overdue pickups quickly

Available drivers are sorted by location, so you’ll know who’s closest to the pickup point. In addition to their GPS position, you’ll see what they’ve got on board and where they’re heading next. Our system can allocate pickups for you, or you can step in manually. With real-time information on the status of live jobs, it’s never been easier to match the best driver for the pickup at the last minute.

fleet data - consignment allocation

Intuitive scheduling

Plan jobs in advance, build capacity for recurring runs and respond quickly if a vehicle is overloaded. Why reinvent the wheel manually when our powerful software can schedule your operations in the most efficient way?

Manage runs

View maximum loaded weights and see overloaded vehicles. Create runs based on geographical location or frequency. Pre-plan jobs with multiple legs. Bulk-edit and re-assign jobs to different drivers or dates.

Detailed reports

Calculate fleet data, check weights and measure driver efficiency. Let the software pull strategic information. You’ll make informed decisions, keep customer accounts and tighten your whole operation.

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