Software for 3PL warehouse management

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Software.

Get 100% 3PL tracking visibility from the warehouse shelf to the customers hands.

Manage your stock and convert it into freight seamlessly using one software that is powerful, yet easy to use.

Cloud-based, flexible 3PL logistics software for warehouse & transport management.

TransVirtual is a fully integrated WMS and TMS system, so you can streamline your entire 3PL operation from automated orders and inventory management through to dispatch, invoicing and reporting. One platform to manage everything in the one place.

  • Automated Orders (EDI)

  • Automatic bin allocation

  • Scan Picked

  • Packed & dispatched

  • Automated Invoicing

What is Outbound Logistics

Tired of piecing together different software to run your 3PL business?

Our 3PL software has integrated WMS and TMS along with powerful finance, pricing and rate cards with a simple and easy to use interface, run your business seamlessly

3PL - Third Party Logistics

Charging a flat fee per customer is not the way to scale your 3PL warehousing business.

When you charge by actions including amount of stock, storage and movement you will get paid what you deserve. A 3PL fulfillment software with powerful pricing & rate card functionality that is the easiest solution to use on the market.

Logistics Transport Agents

Reduce costly pick errors, increase accuracy.

With modern eCommerce, businesses now expect at least 99.5% picking accuracy from their in-house fulfillment operations. Reducing costly pick errors including the wrong item, quantity or damaged items is critical for improving efficiencies. Item-level barcode scanning enables better picking & tracking of items.

See how easy to use and clean our 3PL software is with this short demo

Packed & dispatched

Ensure goods are securely packed and promptly dispatched, streamlining the journey from the warehouse shelf to the customer’s hands


Automated Invoicing

Eliminate manual billing processes with automated invoicing, allowing you to track and bill for every service provided effortlessly.


Warehouse stock reporting

Inventory and warehouse reporting for an accurate overview of current stock levels and status.

Delivery Man Organizing and Categorizing Packages in a Logistics Facility

What is 3PL Software?

3PL software is designed to streamline the communication and operations between product creators, shipping companies, and third-party logistics providers. These providers, often set up as warehouses or distribution centers, play a crucial role in ensuring products reach consumers. With 3PL software, the entire supply chain becomes faster, less laborious, more visible, and more efficient, benefiting both vendors and providers.

What is Threshold Delivery

Tired of piecing together different software to run your 3PL business?

Save time, lower costs and get 100% visibility across your supply chain with a fully integrated end-to-end system to run your entire 3PL operation.

Run your 3PL business seamlessly

Benefits of Using TransVirtual

Cloud-based, flexible 3PL
logistics software for
warehouse & transport management.

Streamline your entire 3PL operation

From automated orders and inventory management through to dispatch, invoicing, and reporting.

One platform to manage everything in one place.

Who Can Benefit from 3PL Software?

Who Can Benefit from 3PL Software?


Manage your inventory more quickly and accurately with features like automated orders, tracking items within your warehouse, and automated customer notifications.


Turn orders around quickly with easy communication. Improve distribution with barcode scanners and a customer portal for inventory, billing, and reporting.

Types of 3PL Businesses

3PL businesses can be asset-based or non-asset-based. Asset-based providers own parts of the supply chain, such as trucks and warehouses, and need comprehensive software features. Non-asset-based providers, often known as Freight Managers in Australia, act as intermediaries and focus on booking freight and communication. TransVirtual caters to both, ensuring a seamless logistics experience.

Key Features of 3PL Software

Automated invoicing

Track and invoice for every service you provide. Automatically generate and send invoices, saving time and labor.

Customized workflows

Cater to clients with varying needs. Customize your workflow to suit different clients, enhancing efficiency.

Powerful analytics

Gain real insight into your performance with automated data, helping you identify areas of improvement.

Fleet and transport management

Conduct dispatch, load planning, order management, rating, and billing seamlessly.

Trends in 3PL

Trends in 3PL

Mobile solutions

Update supply chain activities on the go and in real-time with modern cloud-based solutions, enhancing visibility, efficiency, and speed.

AI tracking

Utilize IoT sensors and RFID tracking for automatic shipment accounting. AI analytics anticipate demand and assist in fleet maintenance.