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Last Mile Delivery Tracking

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There are these and hundreds more our last mile delivery software can integrate with.

Real-time visibility software

Real-Time Data

Stay updated minute-by-minute with our real-time data feature. Know the exact location of the package, similar to Lyft or Uber.

Better Courier Communication

Experience enhanced communication with couriers. Gain precision in understanding a driver’s progress and well-being.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Digital POD allows for electronic signatures and photo proof, reducing disputes and increasing customer trust.

Live Estimated Time of Arrival

Remain informed of any delays or changes. Manage customer expectations with real-time ETA updates.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Optimize your delivery operations with invaluable data about routes, drivers, and deliveries.

Different Delivery Requests

Customize delivery preferences for unforeseen changes, ensuring customers receive their packages without hassle.

Real-time visibility software tracking
admin taking calls for dispatching - driver and customer support

Better Understanding of Customer Satisfaction

Increase brand loyalty by tailoring experiences to meet specific customer needs with insights from our tracking system.

Reducing Costs

Enhance efficiency and reduce costs with advanced tracking software, benefiting both your business and your customers. It also helps reduce fuel costs.

One fully-integrated dashboard for all delivery & dispatch jobs.

No matter which carrier your freight is travelling with, manage it all in just one portal. You’ll have complete visibility to know exactly where things are at all times. See updates in real time, even in complex delivery circumstances. Access the answers you need, when you need them.

Orders (EDI)

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What is Threshold Delivery

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Save time, lower costs and get 100% visibility across your network with a fully integrated end-to-end delivery & dispatch software to run your entire operation.

What is last mile delivery?

The journey from a consumer’s ‘Buy Now’ click to the arrival of their latest product involves various steps. The final mile or leg of this process is known as last mile delivery, where your company bears the responsibility of ensuring those sheets reach the consumer’s hands.

Despite often being the shortest distance covered in the supply chain, last mile delivery is a critical juncture where businesses may experience inefficiencies, leading to delayed deliveries, dissatisfied customers, and reduced profits. Real time tracking is so important, you need absolute visibility in your last mile operations, particularly with multi drop delivery routes.

Primarily associated with the eCommerce supply chain, last mile delivery holds significant importance. With the eCommerce market expected to double in the next decade, businesses that excel in this aspect stand to capitalize on a substantial opportunity.

Last mile software simplifies the delivery process & delivery operations for delivery businesses. Transvirtual is a complete last mile delivery management software that will streamline your entire freight business.