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Why You Should Use a Dimensional Weight Scanner

by Andrew Fanner, 9 August 2023

Table of Contents: Are you struggling with unexpected shipping costs and inefficiencies in your logistics process? Understanding and managing dimensional weight could be the key to unlocking significant savings and streamlining your operations. And now with the domination of e-commerce and increasingly complex shipping requirements, dimensional weight has become a...

On the Waterfront: How containerisation revolutionised the world of shipping and logistics.

by Murray Phillips, 18 June 2023

Table of Contents: How containerisation revolutionised the world of shipping and logistics. Containerisation has transformed the logistics industry and revolutionised the way goods are transported and delivered worldwide. From small beginnings in the 1950s, shipping containers have become the most common way for freight to be delivered across the world. ...

Droning On: Are Drones Really a Viable Option for Deliveries?

by Matt Corby, 8 June 2023

Table of Contents: The rapid advance of drone technology is making their use in Australia for delivery logistics increasingly more plausible. The world of logistics and delivery has undergone significant transformations in recent years. One of the most exciting developments on the horizon (pardon the pun) is the use of...

Logistics Software & CRM Systems: Please Hold

by Andrew Fanner, 6 June 2023

Table of Contents: How logistics software can optimize your customer relationship management system and keep your customers satisfied by providing up-to-date information about the progress of their delivery.  One of the biggest challenges in the logistics industry is managing customer relationships. Keeping customers updated and informed about the progress of...

Fragile Parcel Delivery: Handle With Care.

by Matt Corby, 13 May 2023

Table of Contents: How a logistics software system can help you get fragile items to their destination quickly, efficiently and in one piece. Delivering packages safely and securely is a crucial aspect of logistics. Let’s face it…if you bust it, you’ve failed in your job as a courier! This is...

Delivering Goods To Customers: Stand, deliver and get it right every time.

by Matt Corby, 21 March 2023

Table of Contents: Discover some simple ways to ensure that your delivery systems are professional, efficient, and can cope with foreseen and unforeseen interruptions in the supply chain.  The bottom line for any logistics company is making the delivery: on time, intact, and to everybody’s satisfaction. Sound’s simple doesn’t it?...

Attempted Delivery: Nobody Home?

by Murray Phillips, 15 March 2023

Table of Contents: Attempted deliveries can be detrimental to your customer’s satisfaction and your company’s profitability but with some easy management strategies you can avoid making deliveries when there’s nobody home  Everybody loves getting a parcel delivered. Whether it’s a shiny new gadget, a flash pair of shoes, or just...

What is Ugly Freight? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Murray Phillips, 10 March 2023

Table of Contents: From small, delicate or unusual items to big, unruly and odd-shaped objects, find out how to minimise the logistical problems involved with shipping ugly freight. Have you ever tried to gift wrap a chainsaw? Or send a piano through the post? Perhaps you have encountered a particularly...

Your Guide To Cash On Delivery: COD Explained

by Andrew Burg, 24 February 2023

Table of Contents: COD is short for cash on delivery, collect on delivery, or cash on demand because cash is not the only payment method. The term revolutionized online shopping by giving customers the comfort of paying after they receive the goods. While there are some risks, cash on delivery...

A Guide To Better Delivery Scheduling

by Shannon Bambling, 30 December 2022

In order to meet and exceed delivery expectations, loading up a your vehicle and heading out without a plan and schedule in place won’t do the job anymore.

Point-to-Point Distribution Model. How Does it Work?

by Murray Phillips, 7 December 2022

Point-to-point distribution model (P2P) explained. Handy features to make your business more efficient with TransVirtual.

Delivery driver training: 4 tips to make it truly great

by Matt Corby, 3 December 2022

One of the most important things to instill during delivery driver training is the importance of the freight they’re delivering.

7 Important Benefits of Last Mile Delivery Tracking

by Shannon Bambling, 18 November 2022

Last mile delivery tracking is the process of fulfilling orders, shipping them and providing an up-to-date delivery status for the orders.

What is Centralized Dispatching and How Does it Work?

by Simon Unicomb, 8 November 2022

At its core, centralized dispatching is the arrangement of goods or services from a single, centralized location.

Your Quick Guide to Last Mile Carriers

by Shannon Bambling, 3 November 2022

Last mile carriers, also called final mile carriers, are logistics providers responsible for the last leg of a delivery to the consumer.

8 Tips to Increasing Profits in your Delivery Business

by Simon Unicomb, 12 October 2022

We’ve compiled our top tips and powerful strategies for holding onto your profit margin in a delivery business.

How to start a courier business in Australia

by Murray Phillips, 23 September 2022

Starting a business is a huge undertaking. Let’s take a look at how to start a courier business and questions you need to answer.

Last mile delivery: are you ready for the revolution?

by Murray Phillips, 2 August 2022

Last mile delivery is the final stage in a consumer’s purchase. Between clicking ‘Buy Now’ and their new linen sheets arriving at their door.

Contactless Delivery in a Delivery Business

by Troy Searle, 20 June 2022

How to implement contactless delivery in logistics & transport businesses. Step-by-step guide to improve driver and consumer safety.

How to Charge for Delivery Per Mile: Your questions answered

by Murray Phillips, 8 June 2022

To calculate delivery charge per mile, most companies use this simple formula - Rate x Miles / Kilometres Travelled = Total Cost. 

Your Guide to Parcel Consolidation

by Murray Phillips, 16 May 2022

Parcel consolidation allows shippers to work on a centralised dispatching system, where all parcels are dispatched from a single location.

What’s the best GPS App for Delivery Drivers?

by Troy Searle, 12 May 2022

Modern GPS systems are getting more sophisticated and integrated. Find the best GPS app for your delivery drivers.

Create a COVID Safe Plan for Delivery Drivers

by Troy Searle, 11 May 2022

A step-by-step guide to running a covid safe delivery business . Learn procedures for physical distancing, cleaning and check-ins.

Reducing the Cost of Last Mile Delivery

by Troy Searle, 2 February 2022

Last Mile Delivery can be particularly costly if not monitored. Here are some simple solutions to save money and reduce those costs.

3 Emerging Technologies: Last Mile Delivery Software

by Troy Searle, 21 January 2022

Software & emerging technologies transforming last mile delivery, increasing transparency and efficiency throughout the shipping process.