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Helpful articles, insights and guides to improve delivery management processes.

A Guide To Better Delivery Scheduling

by TransVirtual, 30 December 2022

In order to meet and exceed delivery expectations, loading up a your vehicle and heading out without a plan and schedule in place won’t do the job anymore.

Point-to-Point Distribution Model. How Does it Work?

by Murray Phillips, 7 December 2022

Point-to-point distribution model (P2P) explained. Handy features to make your business more efficient with TransVirtual.

Delivery driver training: 4 tips to make it truly great

by Matt Corby, 3 December 2022

One of the most important things to instill during delivery driver training is the importance of the freight they’re delivering.

7 Important Benefits of Last Mile Delivery Tracking

by TransVirtual, 18 November 2022

Last mile delivery tracking is the process of fulfilling orders, shipping them and providing an up-to-date delivery status for the orders.

What is Centralized Dispatching and How Does it Work?

by Simon Unicomb, 8 November 2022

At its core, centralized dispatching is the arrangement of goods or services from a single, centralized location.

Your Quick Guide to Last Mile Carriers

by TransVirtual, 3 November 2022

Last mile carriers, also called final mile carriers, are logistics providers responsible for the last leg of a delivery to the consumer.