Murray Phillips

Murray’s background mixes transport experience, project and contract management. Having overseen the growth of TransVirtual from its beginnings, Murray understands the importance of helping TransVirtual customers succeed during onboarding and their growth, Effectively managing change is central to his role and he’s passionate about seeing people and businesses connected with TransVirtual realising their potential.

Articles by this author

5 reasons why cloud EDI makes your transport business better

by Murray Phillips, 28 November 2022

How EDI cloud software improves efficiency. Table of contents: –   What is cloud EDI?–   Should you incorporate cloud EDI into your supply chain?–   How to change systems–   Ready to make the switch to cloud EDI? We all know how important a few minutes can be in the transport business, let...

What Is Threshold Delivery? The Complete Guide.

by Murray Phillips, 17 November 2022

We take a look at the key features. Table of contents: –   What is threshold delivery?–   How is threshold delivery different from other services?–   Find out more about threshold deliveries Why threshold delivery? 84% of customers say that delivery is a crucial factor when it comes to the online shopping...

How to start a courier business in Australia

by Murray Phillips, 23 September 2022

Starting a courier business is a huge undertaking and you’ll always have a lot to consider. Aside from general business tasks, let’s look at some questions you need to answer when you’re starting your new courier business. Whether you’ll have your own run with one vehicle or manage a team...

Last mile delivery: are you ready for the revolution?

by Murray Phillips, 2 August 2022

An inside look at how technology is changing There’s no getting around it: over the next 5-10 years, last mile delivery is set to be disrupted. Technology will automate workflows and back-end processes to make for faster, smoother and more efficient deliveries. Current workflows will be replaced with automated processes...

How to Charge for Delivery Per Mile: Your questions answered

by Murray Phillips, 8 June 2022

Charge or not to charge? It’s not the most glamorous aspect of running a business, but determining your rates is an important part of making sure that your operation is profitable. There are a few different approaches to this issue, and today we’re breaking down one of the most common...

What is white glove delivery?

by Murray Phillips, 19 May 2022

And should you consider offering it as a service? Have you ever wondered how someone would ship a vintage Porsche to a customer? Surely anything rare, unique and easily damaged needs some TLC when being posted. Chucking a Faberge egg into the back of a van (even when done with...