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TransVirtual gave us the flexibility to build
the TMS we needed

We had a legacy software system which presented a range of operational challenges, as it was based on old technology.

After initial investigations with six vendors, I produced a checklist of things we needed. It had to be a browser based deployment system that provided workflow hooks so we could quickly and easily customise it to add value. We also needed full control over how it ran. It’s frustrating when a platform locks you into specific processes because it doesn’t trust you. I like to be empowered to make choices and decisions as to how to use the software – TransVirtual allows me to do this.

I investigated three vendors in depth, including products used by our major competitors, but they lacked the flexibility and customisations I was looking for. Everyone promised they could build it after I signed up, but the list of changes was long, and I was being asked by other companies to take an extreme leap of faith in this way.

TransVirtual met our requirements exceptionally well and the API and EDI capability out of the box was sensational. Beyond the appeal to my technical requirements, I could see a huge ability to customise it on a customer by customer basis.

Our business isn’t a standard freight company so that was extremely helpful. You can’t have an off the shelf solution that’s going to fit everybody, so you must have that flexibility built in from the start. I loved that we had the freedom to make the system what we needed it to be.

TransVirtual met our requirements exceptionally well and the API and EDI capability out of the box was sensational.

Glen Hunt - Business Systems Manager


TransVirtual’s sales and support team were extremely helpful, patient, and diligent in the process they went through. Others would just provide a demo, say ‘here’s a login, tell me when you want to sign up’. The time that was invested during this process was extremely important in arriving at our final decision.


When we went live, our users stopped seeing all the issues of the past and started seeing a piece of software work the way it should. The team came across quite easily and I was really surprised how well the drivers adapted to the process. I found some using deeper features on the mobile app such as recording wait time, without prompting from head office.

Exceptional customer service

TransVirtual charges by the job and we’d come across people who charged by the truck or seat and I was very keen to get away from these models. Having the ability to deploy the mobile app to drivers, agent and business partners easily and not having to pay old fashioned license fees when they are only going to use it infrequently was very attractive. There are hard savings based on the commercials, and soft savings by the fact that TransVirtual really just works like a system should work.

I have never come across a piece of software or a group of people who are as responsive to customer needs as TransVirtual have been.

I’m saying that having run my own software business for 20 years, you do a better job than we did, and I thought we were pretty good! That’s displayed in the fact that we’re not a normal freight company, but TransVirtual was able to identify an opportunity that was satisfied with modest extensions to an already quite flexible solution. It puts us in a great position in the marketplace. We’re able to quickly customize solutions that are unique to our customer base. No one else is doing it which puts our business in a really good position.

During the implementation phase of the project I grew to appreciate the power of TransVirtual’s platform, it was a bit of a mind shift. Now, we got lots of positive feedback from our customer base about how easy the portal was to use. Both the internal and external end users loved it and adopted very quickly.

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