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Driver Shortages in Logistics: Situations Vacant.

by Murray Phillips, 16 May 2023

How logistics software can help transportation companies overcome driver shortages. The transportation and logistics industry in Australia is facing a significant challenge in the form of driver shortages. According to a report published by Australian Industry Standards, the transport and logistics workforce is forecast to grow from 574,000 in 2021...

The Importance of Route Planning & Optimisation: From Red to Green. 

by Murray Phillips, 6 May 2023

How logistics software can help navigate traffic light hold-ups on busy city routes and quiet country roads. I like traffic lights,But only when they’re green. – Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Traffic lights. The bloody things are the bane of delivery drivers, truckies and logistics operators. They never seem to be...

Sustainable Logistics: Delivering a Greener Future.

by Murray Phillips, 27 April 2023

From the Outback to the ocean, Australian logistics companies are using technology to tackle the challenges of climate change and sustainability successfully.  As the impact of climate change and environmental degradation becomes more apparent, sustainability is now an important focus for logistics companies across Australia. And as their customers become...

Going Bush: The Challenges of Rural Mail Delivery

by Murray Phillips, 21 April 2023

Delivering – freight to addresses in rural Australia can potentially be a difficult job, but with access to the correct planning software, you can ensure that the job gets done. “Delivering mail to remote communities is a lifeline service that is critical for rural and regional Australians.” – Julia Gillard...

Hunter Express: Virtual Transformation

by Murray Phillips, 7 April 2023

How an Australian transport company revolutionized its delivery systems and generated double-digit growth in its profit margins by using logistics software from TransVirtual. As a result of upgrading and integrating its freight systems with a Traffic Management System (TMS) created by TransVirtual. Melbourne-based transport company Hunter Express has seen significant...

TMS Implementation: An Essential Guide

by Troy Searle, 20 December 2022

TMS implementation can be overwhelming. Here are 5 important steps to successfully implementing a new TMS in your logistics business.