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Going Mobile: The Benefits of Mobile Technology in the Mobile World.

by Murray Phillips, 22 May 2023

How mobile devices have empowered delivery drivers and made dispatching and monitoring much more efficient for logistics operators. It’s hard to remember a time when mobile phones weren’t an indispensable part of our lives. The pace of change in mobile phone usage and network technology rollout has been phenomenal over...

Robotics & AI in Logistics: I, Robot.

by Murray Phillips, 18 May 2023

How robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the logistics industry in Australia and worldwide. “Any problem can be solved with the proper application of sufficient technology.”  – Isaac Asimov Robots have fascinated humans since the time of the ancient Greeks, whose legends are filled with metal beings called automatons:...

From Morse Code to 5G: The History of Communications in Australia.

by Murray Phillips, 29 April 2023

Communication in Australia has come a long way from the dots and dashes of Morse Code transmitted along the wires of the Overland Telegraph Line.  – .-. .- -. … …- .. .-. – ..- .- .-.. – The word “TransVirtual” written in Morse Code. These days, we take communication...

The History of Cardboard: Thinking Inside the Box.

by Murray Phillips, 28 April 2023

With a history dating back to the mid-19th century, cardboard is a surprisingly versatile material that has been used for everything from transporting silkworms to building cathedrals.  “Cardboard box? You were lucky!” —Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the Four Yorkshiremen sketch.    As a logistics operator, you’ll be familiar with cardboard...

Contractual Obligations: How to Get Courier Contracts

by Murray Phillips, 14 April 2023

By adopting a few simple strategies you can improve your delivery company’s visibility in the marketplace, attract new customers and pick up lots of new courier contracts. Visibility is everything in Australia’s cluttered logistics world. With lots of competition vying for delivery contracts, it’s vital that your company stands out...