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Contractual Obligations: How to Get Courier Contracts

by Murray Phillips,
Apr 14, 2023
man meticulously reviewing records on a computer, exemplifying the role of logistics software in precise logistics management and data analysis
man meticulously reviewing records on a computer, exemplifying the role of logistics software in precise logistics management and data analysis

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By adopting a few simple strategies you can improve your delivery company’s visibility in the marketplace, attract new customers and pick up lots of new courier contracts.

Visibility is everything in Australia’s cluttered logistics world. With lots of competition vying for delivery contracts, it’s vital that your company stands out from the multitude. 

As e-commerce continues to grow, so does the demand for reliable delivery companies. Of course, you’ve probably noticed that the delivery industry in Australia is flooded with companies competing for this business. And in such a competitive market, just how can you make your delivery company stand out?

In this article, we will explore a few simple strategies that your delivery company can utilise to attract those important new clients, ensure that your existing clients are happy, and keep the new courier contracts flooding in.  

Get Creative With Your Marketing.

In today’s wonderful digital age, the most powerful tool for marketing and for customer engagement is social media. Delivery companies that are able to utilise social media to showcase their services, highlight positive customer experiences and share insights and industry news via their blog posts, will find that the search engines will begin to rank their business higher up on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

A killer brand

Your brand has to be eye-catching and memorable. A great logo and a snappy byline (something along the lines of: Kangaroo Express — We hop to it! ) will attract people’s attention and stay in their memories. That way, when a potential client is trying to decide which courier company to choose, they will remember your brand and get in touch.

Old School

Although it may seem obvious, older styles of advertising still work. We don’t mean employing a spotty youth to march up and down outside your office wearing a sandwich board. But print adverts, signwriting, radio and TV are still legit forms of advertising.

Having your website, freephone number and email written on all of your vehicles is another economical way to get your brand out into the public eye: it’s almost free advertising. 

New School

Paid media such as Google Adwords or Facebook ads can be used to target potential customers in your area.  You can also use online directories and classified advert websites to list your business’s service.

Ensure that your business appears on platforms such as Google Maps so that when a potential customer searches ‘courier companies near me” it will be your service that pops up at the top of the SERP. 

Picture this

As the old cliche says: “pictures tell a thousand words.” So load up your social media with lots of high-quality images and videos about your courier company. You could employ a social media manager to do this for you but, frankly, these services are over-rated. Get your family onboard with your social media marketing…or ask the sandwich board youth to take it on!  


Listing your company on courier bidding sites such as Allbids, TruckIt and Shiply is a great way to spread the word about your organisation and its services. A stall at trade shows will allow you to network with other operators in the logistics and delivery industries. It will also show your enterprise off to potential clients, especially the big ones who frequent turnouts like these to sniff out new ways to get their goods to their customers.

Keep Talking

Communication is everything these days. And great communication is a vital facet of every successful courier contract. This is the place where your company can shine!

By adopting the latest logistics software to monitor and expedite deliveries, and to keep your customers up-to-date with the progress of their goods, you can ensure that you rapidly gain a reputation as one of the best delivery companies in the biz.

Same day delivery

In this fast-paced world, clients want their stuff delivered ASAP!  So if you can offer same day delivery, you are going to be able to position your courier company ahead of your competitors. 

A fully functional transport management system (TMS) will help you accomplish this by giving your drivers and warehouse staff access to real time information they can use to get the delivery there on time.

Customer support is your best friend

Every customer loves to feel that they are being treated individually and looked after better than anybody else. In other words, consumer’s these days want to be heard. So if your delivery company prioritises customer service you’ll find it will set you apart from the composition.  

Tell it Like it Is!

That awesome logistics software that your company uses is going to make it easy to be up front with your customers. Better still, it’s going to allow you to make informed and super accurate decisions based on real-time data. Being able to have accurate control and oversight into how each delivery is progressing will enable you to give accurate and truthful progress reports to your clients.

Price transparency

Don’t hide extra costs in amongst tricky small print. Give the client an exact figure about the cost of sending their product with your delivery service…and stick to it. Nothing garners good reviews more than customers who feel that you’ve given them good value for money.

Avoid puffery

Promising a lot and then under-delivering will not produce the great reviews you are looking for. So don’t “big it up.” Be upfront with any potential impediments that you can see will interfere with successful delivery. If you are honest with your clients, chances are they will work with you to ensure that their goods are shipped in the most efficient way.

Remember that not every potential client will fit your courier service well. So if you don’t think your company is equipped to deal with a particular contract, don’t take it. Nothing turns potential customers off more than hearing that you told Company X that you could deliver their consignment of ugly freight, for instance, then couldn’t do it. 


Keep your courier contracts simple. Contracts are an agreement between your company and an individual or organisation that outlines your business relationship. So you have to make sure that all the bases are covered. 

However, you don’t want to make your contract so complicated that your customers decide to take their business to another operator who is easier to deal with. Your courier contracts should be beneficial to both parties and set out clearly the expectations and responsibilities. 

Be Proactive and Find Those Contracts.

The most important aspect of gaining new courier contracts is to garner positive reviews and testimonials from clients by delivering on your promises. You need to be transparent about your pricing and offer additional services to differentiate yourself from the competition. But most importantly, your courier company needs to be reliable.

As the owner of a delivery company, you can use a variety of the strategies we have covered to attract new clients in the crowded Australian market. By leveraging the power of social media, coming up with a competitive pricing structure, offering same-day delivery and excellent customer service, you can easily differentiate yourself from the competition and track down new business.

By implementing some or all of these strategies your delivery company can position itself for long-term access in the rapidly evolving Australian logistics industry. And the team at TransVirtual would love to be a part of the strategy. So give us a call today or get in touch by email. You can even find us on social media!

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