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Freight Management & Ecommerce integrations: Perfect Match

by Andrew Burg, 1 November 2023

Table of Contents Seamlessly integrate the components of your e-commerce business’s supply chain using freight management software solutions.   If you’re running an online business here in Australia, you’ll be familiar with the importance of smooth and efficient shipping. You’ll also know that being able to keep control of every facet...

What is Freight Management Software? The Swiss Army Knife of Logistics.

by Matt Corby, 23 October 2023

Table of Contents: How Freight Management Software can revolutionise your company’s logistics systems, save you time and money, and keep your customers up-to-date and happy. Shipping stuff in Australia is complicated. You have to navigate a veritable jungle of supply chains, traffic conditions, regulations, big distances, shortages, oversupply, unpredictable demand...

What is Bulk Freight?

by Murray Phillips, 24 August 2023

Table of Contents: In the stunningly huge world of global commerce, bulk freight connects producers and consumers across the continents. But it’s not just about massive quantities of consumer goods – it’s about the essential commodities that power our most critical industries, fill our dining tables, and fuel our vehicles....

Pinch Points: Logistics Software and Loss Prevention

by Andrew Fanner, 12 June 2023

Table of Contents: How logistics software can help to mitigate the risk of theft in your logistics business supply chain. Freight transportation plays a critical role in the Australian logistics industry, ensuring the smooth movement of goods across vast distances. However, the rise in theft and cargo-related crimes poses significant...

Moving Forward: 7 Freight Forwarding Strategies to Grow Your Business.

by Andrew Burg, 2 April 2023

Table of Contents: How adopting some simple strategies can enhance your freight forwarding operation in order to attract new customers and retain your existing ones. Shipping stuff used to be so simple. It didn’t matter if it was going down the street, across a city, out to the Outback or...

Piecing it Together: The Advantages of a Freight Consolidation Strategy.

by Murray Phillips, 1 April 2023

Table of Contents: Discover how an effective freight consolidation strategy can help you move consignments from different suppliers to a single destination in the most efficient and profitable way. Delivering stuff across town, across Australia and across the world is what your logistics business is really good at, isn’t it?...

Types of Freight: Trains, Planes and Automobiles…and Ships, too.

by Andrew Fanner, 23 March 2023

Table of Contents: From the smallest envelopes to plane-loads of packages and ship-sized shipments, the world’s economy is built on freight.   Freight forms a vital part of the world’s economy. It enables companies, producers and individuals to move their goods and services around the globe and facilitates local, national and...

LTL and FTL Shipping: Which is best for you?

by Murray Phillips, 2 December 2022

Freight can be shipped as Less Than Truckload (LTL) or Full Truck Load (FTL), both options have their advantages, but which one is right for you?

Your Complete Guide to Load Matching: Everything to Know

by Troy Searle, 15 November 2022

We take a look at load matching, how it works and more importantly, how it can benefit your business. Dive in!

How to Negotiate Freight Rates Like a Pro  

by Troy Searle, 24 October 2022

Freight Rates are an important part of the transportation industry. Explore how to negotiate your way to the best rate possible.

Freight Collect vs Freight Prepaid

by Murray Phillips, 29 September 2022

What's the difference between Freight Collect and Freight Prepaid? Find out which one is right for your business.

Freight Bidding (And How to Do it Right!) 

by Andrew Burg, 9 June 2022

Freight bidding is the market’s solution to keeping freight rates manageable and advantageous for all involved.

What is a Freight Broker and when do you need one?

by Matt Corby, 6 June 2022

Your practical guide to freight management. See how to manage freight efficiently, with advice about what a freight broker does.

Third Party Shipping: The Good and The Bad

by Matt Corby, 27 May 2022

Third party shipping is when a business sends their inventory to a separate entity (such as a 3PL) who handles the shipping & distribution.

Your Guide to Freight Consolidation Services

by Matt Corby, 10 May 2022

Freight consolidation services are like carpooling for freight. Save time & money by splitting the cost of a load over several shipments.

Ultimate Guide to Freight Collect Payment Terms

by Matt Corby, 25 March 2022

It pays to be aware of freight collect and other freight payment terms so you can make the best decision for your business.

Logistics Strategy: Zone Skipping

by Simon Unicomb, 16 March 2022

Zone skipping is a logistics strategy where parcel distributions are consolidated into full truckloads (or less than truckload, LTL).

5 Most Important Supply Chain Metrics to Track

by Simon Unicomb, 7 March 2022

Here's the 5 supply chain metrics that matter the most. Make sure you're tracking these to understand and improve your business performance.

5 tips for efficient (& profitable) cross docking

by Murray Phillips, 15 July 2021

Find out how cross docking helps businesses speed up deliveries, reduce costs and lower the risk of damaging freight.

On-demand Trucking

by Murray Phillips, 6 April 2021

Discover how on-demand trucking solutions could be the secret to overcoming post-pandemic supply chain disruptions.

How to price your shipping (Quick Guide)

by Matt Corby, 6 April 2021

How much should you charge for shipping? Charge too little and it eats your profits. Too much and consumers may shy away from their purchase.