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Hunter Express: Virtual Transformation

by Matt Corby,
Apr 7, 2023

How an Australian transport company revolutionized its delivery systems and generated double-digit growth in its profit margins by using logistics software from TransVirtual.

As a result of upgrading and integrating its freight systems with a Traffic Management System (TMS) created by TransVirtual. Melbourne-based transport company Hunter Express has seen significant improvements and efficiencies in its business. In a story published in Fleet HV News, the company CEO, Richard Tesoriero, reports that profit margins per consignment have increased by double digits, access to big-brand online retailers has been gained, and customer service and accounting staff have been reduced. 

As a result of the new system, the company has also been able to reduce its staff numbers by eight employees formerly engaged in charging, invoicing and customer service. The margin-reporting data provided by the system has enabled Hunter Express to refine its fee structure to be more competitive, yet still profitable. By utilizing the TransVirtual system, Hunter Express has also been able to work with some of the biggest and most well-known online retail brands in Australia. 

According to Richard Tesoriero, the company’s growth would not have been possible without digitally transforming its freight, fleet, and management operations. “We didn’t have a full-blown transport management system. We didn’t even have integration with a lot of [our] agents,” he says.

TransVirtual’s automated communication function transmits the whereabouts of a parcel during its lifecycle in the Hunter Express network: from sender to receiver. It also keeps the customer updated with real-time messages such as “your consignment has been collected” and “your consignment has been delivered.”

Before its digital transformation, Hunter Express used a number of manual processes. These have now been completely replaced by the TransVirtual software. “We use it for absolutely everything,” says Richard Tesoriero.

Hunter Express was founded in Melbourne in 1989. It specializes in ugly freight parcels — especially specialised handling requirements (SHR) deliveries — which are oversized but are still able to be physically lifted. It has relationships with 33 agents across Australia and operates depots in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

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