Troy Searle

Troy has a lifelong connection with the logistics industry having grown up immersed in a family owned transport company. This instinctive and practical understanding of day to day operations was combined with a Computer Science degree to berth a logistics software business that was, and always will be, just a little bit different. Whilst he still holds a current Multi Combination (MC) License, Troy’s happy place remains in front of a computer writing code to add to the ever growing list of features that makes up TransVirtual.

Articles by this author

Fleet management software: is it right for you?

by Troy Searle, 23 July 2021

How fleet management software can improve your business. If you’re in the transport industry then you know that fleet management is a complexand time-consuming process. Fortunately, there’s a fleet management solution. Fleet management software automates a lot of the tasks you’re doing manually(saving you time and labour). It also gives...

Finally, a delivery driver app purpose-built for the cloud

by Troy Searle, 13 July 2021

Automate your systems with our driver tracking app to speed up business and reclaim your time Do you run a Delivery, Courier, Point 2 Point, Transport, Warehouse or Freight Management Company? You’re probably losing countless hours – days even – every month just chasing paper trails. Your drivers aren’t optimising...

What is route optimisation software?

by Troy Searle, 24 June 2021

And is it right for your business? In the transport and logistics game, efficiency is king. If you can get the goods into consumer’s hands faster and more reliably than yourcompetitors, you’ll win repeat business. It’s pretty simple isn’t it? If only it was easy, too. When done manually, allocating...

TMS implementation: An essential guide

by Troy Searle, 21 June 2021

5 steps to smoothly implementing a TMS (without losing your mind). TMS implementation can be overwhelming: there are so many moving parts and so little time. Changing any system in your business is time-consuming, uncertain, and usually stressful. And when it’s your TMS that affects the workflow of every staff...

What is the hub and spoke model?

by Troy Searle, 15 June 2021

A brief explainer for the transport and distribution industries. Hub and Spoke, Point 2 Point, Full Truckload… There’s always a lot to consider in the logistics game. Let’s take you briefly through exactly what the hub and spoke model is, and how you can make the most of it by...