Troy Searle

Troy has a lifelong connection with the logistics industry having grown up immersed in a family owned transport company. This instinctive and practical understanding of day to day operations was combined with a Computer Science degree to berth a logistics software business that was, and always will be, just a little bit different. Whilst he still holds a current Multi Combination (MC) License, Troy’s happy place remains in front of a computer writing code to add to the ever growing list of features that makes up TransVirtual.

Articles by this author

TMS Implementation: An Essential Guide

by Troy Searle, 20 December 2022

TMS implementation can be overwhelming. Here are 5 important steps to successfully implementing a new TMS in your logistics business.

What is Multimodal Transportation?

by Troy Searle, 1 December 2022

Multimodal transportation uses several different modes of transportation to get cargo from your warehouse to a client’s front door.

Your Complete Guide to Load Matching: Everything to Know

by Troy Searle, 15 November 2022

We take a look at load matching, how it works and more importantly, how it can benefit your business. Dive in!

How to Negotiate Freight Rates Like a Pro  

by Troy Searle, 24 October 2022

Freight Rates are an important part of the transportation industry. Explore how to negotiate your way to the best rate possible.

What is the hub and spoke model?

by Troy Searle, 5 September 2022

The hub and spoke model is a distribution network that unsurprisingly resembles a bicycle wheel and is commonly used across Australia.

Contactless Delivery in a Delivery Business

by Troy Searle, 20 June 2022

How to implement contactless delivery in logistics & transport businesses. Step-by-step guide to improve driver and consumer safety.

What is Fleet Management?

by Troy Searle, 24 May 2022

Fleet management is a system of technologies and procedures to help manage your fleet efficiently.

What’s the best GPS App for Delivery Drivers?

by Troy Searle, 12 May 2022

Modern GPS systems are getting more sophisticated and integrated. Find the best GPS app for your delivery drivers.

Create a COVID Safe Plan for Delivery Drivers

by Troy Searle, 11 May 2022

A step-by-step guide to running a covid safe delivery business . Learn procedures for physical distancing, cleaning and check-ins.

Tips for Proactive Fleet Maintenance

by Troy Searle, 28 February 2022

It’s clear that staying on top of your fleet maintenance (being proactive) is the safest, easiest and most cost effective way to go.

Intermodal vs Multimodal Shipping Options

by Troy Searle, 14 February 2022

Intermodal vs multimodal transport, both move cargo from origin to destination, the only difference is in the contract.

Reducing the Cost of Last Mile Delivery

by Troy Searle, 2 February 2022

Last Mile Delivery can be particularly costly if not monitored. Here are some simple solutions to save money and reduce those costs.

3 Emerging Technologies: Last Mile Delivery Software

by Troy Searle, 21 January 2022

Software & emerging technologies transforming last mile delivery, increasing transparency and efficiency throughout the shipping process.

What is Pool Distribution and Why do Businesses Use It?

by Troy Searle, 18 January 2022

Understand why Pool Distribution is the most popular distribution format, how it works, and the benefits it could provide for your business.

Trends in Logistics 2021-22

by Troy Searle, 19 December 2021

Take a look at the Trends in Logistics 2021-22. An insider’s view on 3 key features of the transport industry for 2021-22.

5 Tips to Optimise for DIFOT Targets

by Troy Searle, 14 December 2021

Insider tips to meeting and beating DIFOT targets. 5 ways to learn how to deliver in full and on time, every time.

What software integrations are available with TransVirtual?

by Troy Searle, 13 December 2021

Learn about software integrations, and discover 5 real-world benefits of connecting seamlessly and instantly with your supply chain partners.

Fleet Management Software: Is it right for you?

by Troy Searle, 23 July 2021

With fleet management software, you can monitor vehicles, equipment, and drivers from a single application and in real time.

Finally, a delivery driver app purpose-built for the cloud

by Troy Searle, 13 July 2021

Full-featured delivery driver app and driver tracking. Save time, tighten costs & increase volume with TransVirtual.

What is route optimisation software?

by Troy Searle, 24 June 2021

Route optimisation software helps find the most efficient delivery route for your drivers over their entire day, saving time & money.