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Finally, a delivery driver app purpose-built for the cloud

by Troy Searle, 13 July 2021

Automate your systems with our driver tracking app to speed up business and reclaim your time

Do you run a Delivery, Courier, Point 2 Point, Transport, Warehouse or Freight Management Company?

You’re probably losing countless hours – days even – every month just chasing paper trails.

Your drivers aren’t optimising their routes or using sign-on glass. Your invoices aren’t being generated unless you manually create them every single time. You could be winning and maintaining more connections with big national partners like DHL, Mainfreight and Aramex.

So why aren’t you?

Our modern delivery driver app will save you time, lower costs and get your freight where it needs to be faster.

Imagine the power of route optimisation when it’s tightly integrated into your driver tracking app’s workflow. Drivers will know what they have on board, where it needs to go and the fastest way to get there. 

Tighten your costs and delight your customers when you get the goods into the consumer’s hands faster than your competitors. 

Now that’s a recipe for repeat business, isn’t it?

A delivery driver app that delivers higher volumes more accurately

Our delivery driver app is fully automated. That means things like: instant paperless proof of delivery notifications, quick and easy client invoicing, instant tracking capability and verifying delivery status.

You’ll stop wasting valuable time and deliver more orders per day, more accurately.

Auto allocate with our full-featured driver tracking app

TransVirtual lets you auto allocate to drivers so you can route and track more efficiently. Your driver tracking app then builds your delivery run for you, optimising each driver’s daily route to save your business time and fuel. Let us do the planning and optimising for you.

Use an automated delivery job app to win new clients

Our national partners love the easy tracking, ETA and cost transparency that our delivery driver app offers them. Use it to win connections and increase volume. Our app makes every delivery job easy by integrating seamlessly into a huge range of other systems, think Border Express, DHL, Aramex and Mainfreight. Everything stays together in the one app and one device. We can hear your drivers whooping from here…

To manage CoR and keep your fleet safe, use our app for delivery drivers

At last, you can easily manage chain of responsibility, driven by the 100% visibility that comes from automation. Our driver delivery app allows you paperless management of your vehicles and equipment, saving you time and enabling effective maintenance.

So, how does it work?

TransVirtual is all about handing you back the reins. Giving you back control. So whether you’re a courier driver delivering point 2 point, a freight manager keeping things moving or a large national enterprise using networks of agents and drivers, you’ll find just the right set of features in our delivery driver app to take exactly what you need from it.

Want to configure and manage the platform yourself? You can. Of course, our developers and support staff will be there to help if you wish.

A TMS that’s affordable for everyone, from lone drivers through to the big boys with hundreds of drivers.

As well as giving you back control, we’re the only driver tracking app that welcomes everyone, big or small. 

You might just need a few features within a delivery job app or you may deliver tens of thousands of consignments a week and need a full-featured, robust driver tracking app that automates all of your back-end processes.

You’ll find both (and everything in between) inside the TransVirtual app.

We thrive on building strong connections and partnerships with our clients and with integrators. Every client has access to the same tools and features. 

We’ve built in scalable pricing and optional modules designed to minimise barriers to entry. We keep our pricing as affordable as possible. 
On top of that, there’s no upfront costs. You only pay for what you use, and there’s no minimum. No other platform has connection so ingrained in their DNA.

Try it free for 30 days no obligation

Thinking that this could be exactly what your business needs? Sign up for your 30-day free trial. Our support staff can help you configure the app to suit, so you can make the most of what an automated TMS can give you – saving time, lowering costs and getting your freight where it needs to be faster. Crazy not to try it, right?

Over to you

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