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Attempted Delivery: Nobody Home?

by Murray Phillips,
Mar 15, 2023
how to improve first attempt delivery
how to improve first attempt delivery

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Everybody loves getting a parcel delivered. Whether it’s a shiny new gadget, a flashy pair of shoes, or just a few boxes of stationary for the office, there’s something exciting about getting a package from a courier.

But what happens when a parcel can’t be delivered? For consumers, a failed delivery attempt can be downright annoying. For businesses and couriers, failed delivery attempts impact customer satisfaction and incur extra costs.

So, how do you make first delivery attempts a success each time? For one, carriers and businesses need better delivery management strategies. You’ll also need to overcome whatever last mile delivery challenges you’re facing right now.

Start delivering on time and within budget, even when nobody’s home. Let’s get started!

What Does Attempted Delivery Mean?

When you think about it, delivering a package from one side of a city (or the world) to the other involves a ton of coordination and moving parts.

But that’s what delivery companies are good at: making all of those factors join together into a seamless flow from source to delivery.

Sometimes, however,  the final destination can prove to be the trickiest, mostly because you have no control over it. You can have the best tracking and logistics operation possible, but if the end customer has popped out for a latte with a friend, your driver is going to be knocking on the door of an empty property.

Thus comes attempted delivery message. It typically comes with a generic reason such as recipient not available or incorrect address on item. No matter the reason, a failed delivery attempt is a hassle for both customers and the shipping company or business.

Incorrect or incomplete address or out for a latte

When the phrase “attempted delivery” appears in your package tracking information, it simply means that the delivery driver was unable to deliver the package for some reason. 

The most common cause is simply that the consignee wasn’t there to accept the package: maybe they decided to go for lunch after the latte!

But there are plenty of other reasons why the package could not be delivered on the first delivery attempt. Here are a few: 

  • Incomplete or incorrect address. Customers may inadvertently put the wrong delivery location on their order or leave out critical information. The consignee may no longer live or work at the address.

  • Unable to gain access. Failed delivery attempts can stem from different reasons. A locked gate, a savage dog, road works or even bad weather can make it difficult or impossible for a courier to deliver the package. 

  • Delivery left with agentOccasionally, a courier company will have a local agent where they can leave undelivered packages for collection by the client. This adds time to the delivery and can be highly inconvenient for the customer.

  • Technical problems: Issues with the courier’s delivery management software or vehicle can result in missed deliveries.

Successful First Delivery Attempts Make for Good Business

A delivery company that can make every first attempted delivery a success will gain a reputation for going the extra mile to ensure each delivery is completed on time, despite any challenges.

On-time deliveries help build business relationships

Making an extra effort to get a package into the waiting hands of a customer is a great way to build customer loyalty. The companies you ship for want their clients to be happy and satisfied, so if they know that your delivery company can fulfil a successful delivery attempt each time, they’ll keep coming back.

Quality products delivered on time and intact

Your customers produce quality products so it’s natural for them to expect quality delivery service.

By effectively managing the different facets of the delivery process — including implementing robust protocols for missed deliveries  —  you can make your delivery company stand out from the competition.

Better Delivery Management

Successfully avoiding missed or incomplete deliveries is all about managing expectations and optimising last mile deliveries. Unplanned events such as a customer not being at home, a breakdown in the supply chain, or damaged/missing packages can be difficult to manage. 

But with an effective delivery management strategy in place, your company can overcome these challenges and get the job done when others fail. 

Communication is key

A successful first delivery attempt starts with good communication. So, make sure you’ve set expectations between you and your clients.

This can include:

  • Ensuring that the correct address is indicated on each item.

  • Every future delivery must have accurate delivery details to ensure successful receipt of your package, especially for fragile items or those requiring special handling.

  • Keep all parties in the loop about delivery progress and any possible delays.

  • Ensuring (as far as possible) that the receiver is there to take delivery.  

Plan for the worst

When it comes to deliveries, , there are always going to be contingencies that cannot be foreseen. But by having a transportation management system that can cope with sudden or unexpected hiccups, you can make changes on the fly to ensure that a package still turns up on time, intact and at the correct place.

Further, a transport management system can help optimise last mile deliveries and help you plan and manage deliveries ahead of time.

  • A full-featured logistics system allows for easy and dynamic route planning and scheduling adjustments.

  • In case of delivery exceptions, such as recipient unavailability or traffic jams, a TMS provides real-time adjustments and route optimisation to minimize disruptions and ensure timely deliveries.

  • A TMS also facilitates clear communication between drivers and customers by providing a tracking link, allowing customers to easily monitor their delivery status and plan accordingly.

  • Finally, a TMS can help you monitor your DIFOT (deliver in full, on-time) rates, ensuring you can track and improve delivery performance effectively.

Nobody Home? No Problem, Ace Your First Delivery Attempts Today

To ensure successful first attempt deliveries, you’ll need to monitor every aspect of your shipment process, from your vehicles to customer contact information.

Transvirtual offers complete, stand-alone software packages for managing deliveries from start to finish. And when things go haywire due to unexpected circumstances, systems such as our Driver Delivery App make it easy to track changes in delivery time and keep your customers informed.

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