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Unlocking Efficiency: How Logistics Software Can Power Your Carrier Diversification Strategy.

by Matt Corby,
Nov 9, 2023

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In a world of volatile operating costs and disrupted supply chains, carrier diversification can ensure your goods get there on time.

Australia is a vast land, with many different terrains, crowded city streets, diverse weather, and long distances between destinations. And with ongoing disruptions to supply chains, constantly evolving customer demands and expectations, and volatile operating costs, making sure that you are shipping your goods effectively and profitably has never been more important.   

Australian businesses are constantly seeking ways that they can optimise their supply chains. Carrier diversification is a crucial strategy to ensure that goods and services reach their destinations smoothly, efficiently and effectively. In this blog post, we will explore how logistics software is transforming the logistics game Down Under: empowering businesses to broaden their carrier horizons, enhance their operations and make their businesses run more efficiently and more profitably. 

What is Carrier Diversification?

Carrier diversification is a strategic approach that involves expanding and varying the pool of carriers or transportation providers that a logistics company collaborates with to move its goods. In essence, it’s a logistics strategy that can help to reduce dependency on a single carrier and enhance supply chain resilience. 

In the Australian logistics market, carrier diversification is gaining prominence as businesses seek to mitigate risks and optimise their transportation operations. There are several ways that carrier diversification can help your business prosper. Here are a few to get you thinking. 

Flexibility and risk mitigation

By diversifying your carrier options, your company can access a broader range of services, delivery routes, and shipping options. This flexibility not only helps you to negotiate better shipping rates. It also ensures that goods can be transported efficiently even when disruptions occur, such as extreme weather events or unexpected carrier issues. 

Find the specialists

In addition to risk mitigation, carrier diversification allows businesses in Australia to tap into specialized carrier expertise. Different carriers may excel in various aspects of transportation, such as rapid delivery or handling specific cargo types. 

Leveraging this expertise can lead to improved overall supply chain performance. It will also enhance your customers’ satisfaction levels by providing more reliable delivery options and shorter transit times. 

Sharpen up the pencils

Carrier diversification fosters healthy competition among carriers. It encourages them to continually improve their services ultimately benefiting the end consumer. 

Where Does Logistics Software Fit In?

Your logistics software package will play a pivotal role in optimising your company’s carrier diversification strategies. Its importance cannot be overstated. In the complex maze of supply chain management — where everything seems to change all the blimmin’ time —  having the right mix of carriers is essential. 

Logistics software systems empower companies to streamline the process of identifying, selecting and managing a diverse pool of carriers. Here’s how.

man engaged in utilizing logistics software on computer, demonstrating the integral role of technology in modern logistics management

Data analytics 

One of the primary ways logistic software facilitates carrier diversification is through robust carrier performance analytics. These tools will enable you to evaluate the performance of different carriers comprehensively, based on factors like on-time deliveries, cost-effectiveness and adherence to service level agreements. 

By having real-time access to these performance metrics, your business can make data-driven decisions when selecting carriers. You can also ensure they align with your specific transportation needs and objectives.

The best way across town…or across the country

The advanced route optimization capabilities of logistics software will allow you to enhance the efficiency of multiple carriers by optimizing routes based on variables such as delivery windows, carrier capabilities and shipment priorities. 

This will mean that your business can reduce transportation costs, minimize transit times, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

Build stronger partnerships

Logistics software systems include advanced features for carrier collaboration and communication: important aspects for businesses to foster stronger partnerships with carriers. This collaboration can lead to better negotiation of rates and improve coordination of shipments. 

Steaks For The Alice.

So that’s all well and good, but how does it work in real life? Let’s send an imaginary consignment of steak from Sydney to Alice Springs to see how carrier diversification can help. 

To transport this chilled package from Sydney to Alice Springs requires a long inland journey across the Outback. For this operation, carrier diversification is a smart logistical approach. By leveraging multiple carriers, the logistics company involved — let’s call them Freight Excellence Reliability Guaranteed or F.E.R.G. for short —  can navigate the unique challenges posed by this long-distance transport job and ensure reliability, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. 

Carrier selection

Carrier diversification begins with careful carrier selection. For this journey, it’s essential to consider carriers with expertise in long-haul road transportation within Australia. By diversifying carriers, F.E.R.G. can tap into specialized services offered by different operators, such as those offering refrigerated transport of perishable goods, or secure handling for fragile items. 

Having access to multiple carriers means a broader range of route options and schedules allowing F.E.R.G. to choose the most efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific package and delivery requirements. 

Rain and roadworks

Another critical aspect of carrier diversification is the ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances: a common occurrence when crossing the vast Australian landscape. On the trip from Sydney to Alice Springs — via Mildura, Port Augusta and Woomera — there is possible flooding at Renmark, and major roadworks at Marla on the Stuart Highway. 

By using logistics software and real-time tracking, F.E.R.G. can monitor the shipment and make quick decisions when and if disruptions occur. There’s flexibility to reroute packages or change carriers mid-journey (perhaps downsizing to smaller, more agile trucks) if needed. 

Thus, the steaks can arrive safely in Alice Springs. The customer is happy, the hungry diners of Alice are happy, and the owners of F.E.R.G. have cemented their reputation as one of the best logistics operators in the business. All thanks to carrier diversification.

Sharing the Road

Carrier diversification is a vital strategy for Australian companies looking to optimize their supply chains, mitigate risks and ensure the efficient movement of goods in a dynamic and competitive market. Furthermore, a precision logistics software system will make it simple for you to choose and monitor carriers. 

With carrier diversification, your company will be able to make informed decisions, optimize routes and enhance collaboration with your chosen carriers. This will ultimately lead to a more resilient and cost-effective supply chain.