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VT Freight Express Customer Testimonial

Meet Tom McNamara,
Head of Sales & Systems,
VT Freight Express

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“For any transport carrier looking to modernise, save time, save money and be set up for scale, I would highly recommend TransVirtual”

Tom McNamara
Head of Sales & Systems, VT Freight Express
Increased volume without increasing headcount of processes
Total visibility from order to invoice.
Compliance, safety and security are now at a higher standard
Dandenong South, Vic
Tom McNamara
Head of Sales & Systems
Express Delivery Services (parcel, skid and pallet freight)
Network depots
Fleet size

“We found the service offering from TransVirtual far outweighed anything any other provider was offering”

– Tom McNamara,
Head of Sales & Systems,
VT Freight Express


The need for better technology

In 2018 the business decided it needed to review its current processes, so they embarked on an RFP process involving a number of different technology solutions, with the following key points in mind:

  • Strong focus on minimising the use of paper.
  • Providing stakeholders with accessible and accurate data.
  • Provide a robust and developing technology solution to benefit VTFE, and their customers, driver and network partners.


Business transformation

Speaking to Anthony Tanner CEO of VTFE, these are the benefits he listed:

  • Enhanced customer service: Enables their customer service team to run more efficiently and provide a highly responsive service.
  • Visibility: The solution now provides VTFE’s staff, network, and clients total visibility from order to invoice. This has afforded VTFE staff the ability to identify trends and to action them in real time to the benefit of the business, network, and customers.
  • Environmental benefits: TransVirtual provides integrated route optimisation which has significantly reduced their carbon footprint. EDI messaging and mobility application have resulted in an a 80% reduction in paper consumption
  • Scalability and flexibility: Transvirtual has allowed the VTFE to scale without creating or increasing inefficient manual processes. It Seamlessly integrates to the many and varied technologies that VTFE’s customers and network use has been valuable, minimising the onboarding time of new customers.
  • Compliance and safety: Device reporting and forced compliance checks associated with mobile device applications and scanners have supported VTFE’s CoR and OH&S policies, workflows, training, and induction processes.
  • Security: Transvirtual’s ISO27001 Accreditation (Information Security Management Systems) has provided VTFE with the peace of mind and confidence knowing that an International Standard and a best-practice approach associated with information security has been attained and being maintained by Transvirtual.
  • User acceptance: Feedback from staff, network partners and customer has been extremely positive. Easy navigation, suggestive layout, minimal screen jumping and a solution that you can manage in house without the constant requirement to request external support.


Increase volume with no additional headcount

“The Transvirtual solution has delivered on all key metrics that our business required. The solution has evolved since we commenced using it, with ongoing development and innovation works completed which align with our continuous improvement ethos and allow us to stay ahead of the market. For any business seeking to achieve similar results, VTFE would highly recommend the Transvirtual solution.

– Anthony Tanner
CEO @ VT Freight Express

The Transvirtual team has worked as a collaborative I.T. partner with VTFE. Seeking to understand desired outcomes, understand workflows, ensuring that the solution compliments and enhances the many processes VTFE have in place rather than determining limitations based on system capability.

Some highlights:


Hunter Express

Hunter Express identified the need to find a transport management system provider to upgrade and integrate its freight systems.

Western Parcel Express

Western Parcel Express is a family owned company focusing on time sensitive freight and superior customer service.

Regional Road Express

Regional Road Express oversees and manages transport and distribution services across New South Wales, handling everything from pallets to smalls for both the B2B and B2C sectors. With strategically placed depots ensuring last-mile delivery, they have utilized TransVirtual for nearly a decade to optimize operations and enhance service.

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