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Meet Roy Kazamias, Director,
CRL Express

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“The beauty about it is that there are so many agents in the network and you can integrate with an agent in literally 3 clicks… I’m not just doing this for the interview, I’ve actually recommended TransVirtual to half a dozen agents who are now part of the software because it is just so dynamic.”

Roy Kazamias
Director & Founder, CRL Express
Increase in visibility across the whole journey of a delivery
Increase in Delivery in Full on Time (DIFOT) metric
The number of agents Roy has referred to TransVirtual so far
Dandenong South, Vic and Smithfield, NSW
Roy Kazamias
3PL warehousing and distribution in Melbourne and Sydney
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“We went from having 50% visibility on a lot of our PODs and consignments to now having almost 95% visibility Australia wide”

- Roy Kazamias


Competing with the big players

  • Compete with big players and live their value of “Large enough to handle, small enough to care”
  • Going up against Australia wide networks that large carriers have
  • Use the latest technology to have maximum efficiency in their operations and maximise visibility.
  • Deal with customers in an automated way that comes across as super professional and ultimately resulted in less admin work and a smaller team at CRL.


Maximise efficiency & visibility

  • Competing with the big players: Joining Transvirtual means you are automatically integrated into an Australia wide network of carriers that rivals the ones owned by the larger transport companies.
  • Professional service for their customers: Agents experience easy onboarding where they automatically integrate with TransVirtual with a few clicks of a button. They are then provided with a portal where they can easily book jobs. This means greater accuracy of data for upcoming deliveries too.
  • Efficiency within their organisation: There’s a lot to talk about here but some of the highlights include route optimsation, auto allocation of drivers, sign on glass and lots more.
  • Maximise visibility: In Roy’s experience pre-TransVirtual, visibility was around 50% of the journey, meaning if something went wrong in the half of the journey that couldn’t be seen, there would be lots of headaches and phone calls.
  • Reduce admin and staff: the use of automated processes like the Xero integration for billing and payments and sign on glass instead of paper con notes, means less room for human error and less need for admin staff.
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Scaling fast with big plans.

“Transvirtual is helping us to scale on a number of fronts, one is that it charges on a per consignment basis, so it’s a variable cost to the business, not a fixed cost and a lot of business owners love that, the fact that you don’t actually have to spend the money until you’ve made the money” – Roy Kazamias, Founder

With Transvirtual’s help the future is bright for CRL Express.

Some highlights:


Hunter Express

Hunter Express identified the need to find a transport management system provider to upgrade and integrate its freight systems.

Western Parcel Express

Western Parcel Express is a family owned company focusing on time sensitive freight and superior customer service.

Regional Road Express

Regional Road Express oversees and manages transport and distribution services across New South Wales, handling everything from pallets to smalls for both the B2B and B2C sectors. With strategically placed depots ensuring last-mile delivery, they have utilized TransVirtual for nearly a decade to optimize operations and enhance service.

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