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We needed end-to-end logistics solution

We began using TransVirtual in 2018 and since then, our needs and our customers’ needs, have been constantly evolving. TransVirtual are continually the best end-to-end solution with their regular development of new features, combined with the flexibility of customisation when required.

There were three main considerations that we needed to fulfil when looking for a transport system; visibility, data management and accounting. TransVirtual meets the mark on all three.

We at First Choice Couriers would highly recommend TransVirtual if you are looking for a user-friendly, scalable, end-to-end solution as your transport system.

Alicia Pleski - Administration Manager


The visibility TransVirtual is able to provide is beyond the usual Track & Trace. We are also able to see scans for consignments without data in Unknown Scan reports. GPS is provided for deliveries and for driver locations. The drivers are able to actually photograph their deliveries. The customer service team is able to create tickets to note each action made on a consignment enquiry.


Up until that time, many of our agents were still very much paper based in their work processes and information exchange. The implementation of TransVirtual with these agents has provided them with a sound program to run their own businesses, and the integration with our system provides a very efficient platform, which we are leveraging to continuously improve our operations and administration.

Exceptional Customer Service

In the case of data management, TransVirtual are able to provide peace of mind by providing a secure system

In addition, all data can always be found and changes tracked as everything is date/time/user stamped. Using a web-based system means we are able to help our customers from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Accounting was an area that had become time consuming before TransVirtual. Now each consignment is priced on creation and any discrepancies are easily identifiable and managed. In addition to this, we are easily able to onboard new customers and integrate with them with no hassle.

TransVirtual have surpassed these initial considerations by also providing exceptional customer service and trouble shooting. They have provided a user-friendly interface and training materials so even new staff are able to pick it up with ease.

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