Month: May 2023

Going Mobile: The Benefits of Mobile Technology in the Mobile World.

by Matt Corby, 22 May 2023

Table of Contents: How mobile devices have empowered delivery drivers and made dispatching and monitoring much more efficient for logistics operators. It’s hard to remember a time when mobile phones weren’t an indispensable part of our lives. The pace of change in mobile phone usage and network technology rollout has...

Robotics & AI in Logistics: I, Robot.

by Andrew Fanner, 18 May 2023

Table of Contents: How robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the logistics industry in Australia and worldwide. “Any problem can be solved with the proper application of sufficient technology.”  – Isaac Asimov Robots have fascinated humans since the time of the ancient Greeks, whose legends are filled with metal...

Driver Shortages in Logistics: Situations Vacant.

by Andrew Burg, 16 May 2023

Table of Contents: How logistics software can help transportation companies overcome driver shortages. The transportation and logistics industry in Australia is facing a significant challenge in the form of driver shortages. According to a report published by Australian Industry Standards, the transport and logistics workforce is forecast to grow from...

WMS Software: The Secret of Seamless Click and Collect.

by Murray Phillips, 15 May 2023

Table of Contents: Find out how adopting an electronic Warehouse Management System (WMS) can make your click-and-collect operation work more efficiently.  In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are looking for convenience and efficiency in their online shopping. One Australian retail trend that has skyrocketed in popularity, especially in the post-COVID-19 era,...

Fragile Parcel Delivery: Handle With Care.

by Matt Corby, 13 May 2023

Table of Contents: How a logistics software system can help you get fragile items to their destination quickly, efficiently and in one piece. Delivering packages safely and securely is a crucial aspect of logistics. Let’s face it…if you bust it, you’ve failed in your job as a courier! This is...

The Importance of Route Planning & Optimisation: From Red to Green. 

by Andrew Fanner, 6 May 2023

Table of Contents: How logistics software can help navigate traffic light hold-ups on busy city routes and quiet country roads. I like traffic lights,But only when they’re green. – Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Traffic lights. The bloody things are the bane of delivery drivers, truckies and logistics operators. They never...