Website Widgets

Incorporate the powerful features and functionality of TransVirtual directly into your website.

Website Widgets

Login Widget
Provides access to the TransVirtual platform for staff and customer logins

Simple Tracking
Provides basic tracking information. No login required

Detailed Tracking
Provides more comprehensive tracking information. No login required

Boostrap Tracking
Provides basic tracking information with a bootstrap layout. Required if you wish to leverage ‘Redelivery’ or ‘Authority to leave’ options. No login required

Teaser Quote
A simple layout that displays basic sender/receiver and item information. Once completed redirects to the full ‘Quote and Consignment creation’ widget

Quote and Consignment Creation
Get a live quote then book a consignment by prepaying with a credit card.

Invoice Credit Card Payment
Customers can make invoice payments with a credit card. Invoice number required

Customer Service Ticket
Anyone can create customer service tickets from your website with a consignment number.

Customer Account Creation
New account customers can create an account instantly including a login without any staff input. Default rates used.

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