Planning Module

Save 20% of one employee’s time with our new planning module.

Tired of planning, scheduling and allocating your last mile deliveries across multiple systems or with spreadsheets? 

Tired of managing your fleet with a spreadsheet?

Well you’re not alone. We built our Planning Dashboard to take care of just that. No more toggling between systems trying to organise truckloads in a spreadsheet and then sync them over to your TMS. Do it all at once.   

Take a look at our 2 minute video explainer

How it works

  • Organise your data: Filter consignments to manage your loads. 
  • Maximise your load: Add consignments to your vehicle and watch the cubic and GVM recalculate that vehicles capacity. 
  • Manage your costs and profits: See how much profit you’re making per load. 

Perfect for

  •  To plan deliveries (rather than those being reactive)  
  • To allocate a vehicle and consignments, only notifying a driver when its ready 


  • Organise your loads in one system saving 20% of an employee’s time.  
  • See what cubic and weight you have without having to recheck calculations. 

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