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At what volumes do I need a Transport Management System (TMS)?

by Hardik Pethani, 5 July 2022

These four key signs of growth indicate it’s time to start using transport or delivery software: Can major carriers work with you? If you’re heading into carrier contract negotiations with manually crunched spreadsheets and outdated forecasts, a TMS for parcel shipping can give you the competitive edge you need to...

Why can’t I just use my ERP for our transport needs?

by Hardik Pethani, 5 July 2022

ERPs are great for storing data and conducting BAU tasks, but investing in a TMS allows you to focus on your shipping processes end-to-end, while also keeping your customers up to date at every stage.

And why can’t I just use my Warehouse Management Software?

by Hardik Pethani, 5 July 2022

A WMS allows for fulfillment efficiency by automating the inventory lifecycle, working from the time an order is received into the warehouse until it is shipped. A TMS then takes over and manages the freight and carriers once an item is ready to be shipped – until it’s at your customer’s...

Why should we use a cloud-based solution?

by Hardik Pethani, 5 July 2022

Cloud solutions improve economies of scale, lower total cost of ownership, are free to upgrade, and typically offer a faster return on investment (ROI). IT teams love cloud-based solutions because they can deploy them faster, need to spend less time on training and installation, and everything updates automatically for improved...

Which plan is for me? TransVirtual Enterprise or Express?

by Hardik Pethani, 5 July 2022

If you need just delivery tools – say, route optimization, turn-by-turn directions, and sign on glass are your basic needs – our Express plan can give you the competitive edge. But if you need support across every aspect of your delivery business – from customer management to delivery visibility to deep integrations...

How long does implementation take?

by Hardik Pethani, 5 July 2022

Some projects can be set up in a day while some can take up to 4 weeks – and don’t worry, we view implementation as a partnership and a shared process.