Fleet Management Software.

A fleet management system that's intuitive and enhances fleet operations.

Say goodbye to outdated software or messy spreadsheets. Manage fleet activities, track vehicles while monitoring vehicle maintenance and fleet data in an integrated platform.

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Scalable, cloud-based, and reliable fleet management software.

Efficiency doesn’t end with fleet management, which is why we built TransVirtual to streamline and automate your fleet tracking needs. We want you to manage your time and control costs wisely, improve efficiency today with our reliable fleet management system.

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What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software are innovative solutions designed to streamline and optimise the management of fleet vehicles. These platforms encompass functions such as fleet tracking, route planning, and routine maintenance. By leveraging this technology, you enhance fleet safety and facilitate route planning, leading to reduced fuel consumption and operational efficiency across your fleet assets.

Automated CoR tools to keep your entire fleet safe.

Use our powerful, automated CoR tools for the ultimate reassurance right along your chain. Track fuel usage and fleet maintenance records while sustaining utmost data security with TransVirtual. Schedule rego, insurance and maintenance reminders and pre-start checklists no matter who’s driving. Just set it all up once and we’ll remind you every time.

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Company drivers or subcontracted?

Whether you own or are outsourcing fleet operations, we’ve got you covered. We can RCTI or help reconcile invoices for you. You’ll save time, lower costs and manage your full fleet efficiently.

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Join thousands of fleet managers leveraging the power of TransVirtual.

Talk to our friendly team on how to save money while managing your entire fleet from a centralised fleet management software.

Fleet Management Software FAQs

  • What are must-have features on your fleet management platform?

    At TransVirtual, we're proud to have key features that aim to improve operational efficiency while helping you reduce costs, including:

    • Real-time GPS tracking: Track vehicles in real-time for efficient dispatching, timely deliveries, and theft prevention.
    • Vehicle tracking: Address safety concerns and gain driver performance information whenever you need it.
    • Fuel management: Monitor fuel consumption, idle times, daily routes to optimise fuel usage, reduce downtime, and minimise your carbon footprint.
    • Mobile app: Our mobile-friendly fleet management platform is available on iOS and android, your fleet mangers and drivers are sure to find them easy-to-use!
    • Reporting and analytics: Start making data-driven decisions. Gain detailed reporting and real time insights into fleet performance.
    • Driver communication: Increase productivity and promote safety with two-way communication features with drivers.

    No matter your fleet size, you can effectively optimise operations, enhance safety, and ensure compliance with us.

  • How much does fleet management software cost?

    Fleet management solutions vary in cost.

    At TransVirtual, we don't want to pressure you into signing lengthy contracts. Instead, you only pay for your fleet management needs, without any hidden costs. Schedule a strategy session with our experts today and lets decide if we're a good fit for each other!

  • How does your fleet management software help with fleet safety and fleet maintenance?

    Our software lets you enhance safety and compliance through various fleet management tools:

    • Real-time vehicle tracking (GPS tracking) to help you monitor performance and address unsafe driving practices.
    • Real time alerts for upcoming vehicle inspections, insurance reminders, and other compliance requirements.
    • Route planning to mitigate risks from road hazards and ensure compliance related to vehicle size and weight restrictions.

    Overall, our system combines GPS technology and maintenance tracking, key features that help fleet managers stay ahead of challenges and ensure a safe working environment for drivers.

  • How does a fleet management solution reduce maintenance costs?

    You know the saying prevention is better than cure, right? Well, this can't ring more true for fleet managers! You want to manage maintenance tasks efficiently, so the best way is to stay on top of upcoming deadlines.

    Fleet managers can prioritise tasks, assign them to appropriate personnel, and monitor progress in real-time. This helps you complete maintenance tasks promptly and accurately.

  • Who benefits from fleet management software?

    Small businesses, midsize businesses, or enterprises across different industries — for as long as you're managing a fleet directly or indirectly, you can benefit from a reliable fleet management solution like TransVirtual's.