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The completely flexible, enterprise-grade Transport Management System

To put your transport business on the map, you need a system that moves the way you do.

Every dispatch is smoother when you’re powered by custom capabilities, flexible workflows, and deep reporting.

Trusted worldwide by thousands of transport, freight and logistics, delivery management, and FMCG and consumer durables companies like you:

Fully customizable

Software from the box isn’t going to cut it – not when you’re juggling multiple networks, depots, and customers. Customize everything: the global elements like workflows to permissions, all the way down to the little touches like PODs and invoices.

Integrates with everything

Connect your other tools without downtime or dev time with plug-and-play integrations. Or make TransVirtual your own with our secure and extensive API or EDI capabilities.

Built from the inside

Our founder and lead developer, Troy, practically grew up in a flatbed cab and holds a current Multi Combination license. Our from-the-inside look means we know what you need to keep your customers, employees, and bottom line happy.

Features that give you 100% Visibility

TransVirtual gives you 100% visibility across your network – and complete control.
While freight’s crossing borders. As you’re capturing PODs. Or when doing monthly reporting.

Rate cards

Cut the manual work – and the back and forth – of rate queries with flexible, powerful rate cards. Automatically define pricing by the job, the route, or the customer.

Least cost carrier

Access some of the biggest delivery networks in the world when you link to other carriers and TMS platforms. Set automated rules to find the right service at the best price.

Real-time quotes

Give your customers easy access to live quotes and consignment generation. They’ll go from quote to creation, to payment, to labeling, to pickup and delivery, without you ever lifting a finger.

Fuel levies

Update fuel levies as you go – or as prices vary. Organize levies per zone or per freight type – or set different levies for customers and for agents and on-forwarders.

Additional services capture

Define additional services that you charge for, like unloading by hand, tail life, wait time and more. Capture it all and present the package to the customer professionally.

Automated billing & invoicing

Customize invoices for individual clients or for agents or on-forwarders. Invoice based on job, timeframe, job status, and more. Or manually adjust for irregular circumstances.

Consignment Consolidation

Multiple consignments heading for the same location? Automatically consolidate them together. And capture just one signature for all of them.

Allocation controller

Gain visibility into every outstanding pickup – at any given time. Check a live view of load details, including total and cubic weights. Match this to available drivers and items are on the road again in no time.

Courier and despatch

Channel pricing, invoicing and POD data across multiple carriers into just one portal. Simplify dispatching with tools like multi-depot support – and offer real-time status updates for customers.

Unique item-level barcode scanning

Create manifests live, in a fraction of the time. Read any supplied barcode format. Scan in 1D and 2D QR codes. Multiple users can even scan at once.

Route optimisation

Build the most efficient run with the click of a button. Keep the route efficient (and profitable) even when traffic conditions or schedules change.

Live driver alerts

Set your drivers up for success with fully customized mobile pop up alerts. Intelligent data mining does the work for you, automatically triggering alerts to ensure process compliance or stop/hold freight from being loaded or misdirected.

Turn-by-turn navigation

Even the most efficient route isn’t efficient if your drivers get lost. Direct their every turn and keep them on the right road.

Electronic proof of delivery (POD)

Lower admin costs and keep everyone in the know with instant, paperless proof of delivery mobile notifications.

Geotags and timestamps

Track and verify delivery status – as it happens. Capture instant proof, photo and GPS coordinates for every job.

Invoice management

Action invoices individually or in bulk – by the hundreds or thousands – in a few clicks. Your customized PDF or spreadsheet invoice is emailed to your customers – and they arrive in your accounting software moments later.

RCTI & reverse billing

Invoice faster – and with more control – when you generate automated RCTIs for your agents, on-forwarders, carriers or subcontractors. Validate the RCTI’s you receive line-by-line to ensure you’re getting paid accurately.

Xero and MYOB integration

Easily integrate your accounting software for automatic pricing, invoices, and 2-way data processing. Reconcile payments and continue using any predefined reporting you already have in place. It’s all beautifully synched.

BI dashboards

Gain visibility into behavior against all your KPIs – as things unfold in real time. Pull timely, accurate data and reports that identify problems and trends – to make strong decisions that change outcomes and keep accounts.

DIFOT management

Keep your finger on the pulse – and keep customers happy. Measure and analyze the performance of your supply chain – as you send your customers the products they need, when they need them, in the quantity they ordered.

Custom compliance

Whether you’re dealing with local ordinances or industry regulations, stay compliant – and measure and prove compliance – with custom analyses and components.
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  • Rated 4.9 / 5
“TransVirtual has really changed the way we operate our business. It has given us the ability to become completely transparent with all our customers and helped us grow our business and increase revenue over a short period of time.”
Holly Kemps
“The professional team at TransVirtual are great to work with and are a valuable partner to Border Express.”
Ops Manager
Border Express
“We at First Choice Couriers would highly recommend TransVirtual if you are looking for a user-friendly, scalable, end-to-end solution as your transport system.”
Glen Hunt
First Choice Couriers

Flexible pricing

Unlike other Transport Management Systems, you pay only for what you use. With TransVirtual behind every con note, you’ll deliver faster – so you can retain and attract more business.
Cents per con note
  • Unlimited con notes per month (minimum 1,500)
  • iOS & Android delivery apps
  • Easy to use admin dashboard
  • Electronic proof of delivery + customisation
  • Smart route planning + live receiver / customer tracking page
  • Live vehicle tracking

+ lots more

Thousands of corporations scale with TransVirtual. You can too.
Cents per con note
  • Unlimited con notes per month (minimum 1,500)
  • iOS & Android delivery apps
  • Easy to use admin dashboard
  • Electronic proof of delivery + customisation
  • Smart route planning + live receiver / customer tracking page
  • Live vehicle tracking

+ lots more

Frequently asked questions

  • At what volumes do I need a Transport Management System (TMS)?

    These four key signs of growth indicate it’s time to start using transport or delivery software:

    1. Can major carriers work with you? If you’re heading into carrier contract negotiations with manually crunched spreadsheets and outdated forecasts, a TMS for parcel shipping can give you the competitive edge you need to win more favorable terms.
    2. You need more staff to handle increasing shipping volumes. Use a TMS to automate the manual work you’re hiring for.
    3. You’re getting an increased number of calls to customer service. A TMS keeps your customers in the loop at every stage, so they don’t need to expend any effort getting updates – and neither do you.
    4. You’re struggling to allocate shipping costs. With a TMS for parcel shipping, finance teams have access to real-time, accurate shipping data down to the stock – keeping unit (SKU) level, improving reporting and forecasting, and enabling you to create better disciplines around shipping spend.
  • Why can't I just use my ERP for our transport needs?

    ERPs are great for storing data and conducting BAU tasks, but investing in a TMS allows you to focus on your shipping processes end-to-end, while also keeping your customers up to date at every stage.

  • And why can’t I just use my Warehouse Management Software?

    A WMS allows for fulfillment efficiency by automating the inventory lifecycle, working from the time an order is received into the warehouse until it is shipped. A TMS then takes over and manages the freight and carriers once an item is ready to be shipped – until it’s at your customer’s doorstep (or depot).

  • Why should we use a cloud-based solution?

    Cloud solutions improve economies of scale, lower total cost of ownership, are free to upgrade, and typically offer a faster return on investment (ROI).

    IT teams love cloud-based solutions because they can deploy them faster, need to spend less time on training and installation, and everything updates automatically for improved security.

  • Which plan is for me? TransVirtual Enterprise or Express?

    If you need just delivery tools – say, route optimization, turn-by-turn directions, and sign on glass are your basic needs – our Express plan can give you the competitive edge.

    But if you need support across every aspect of your delivery business – from customer management to delivery visibility to deep integrations into your existing systems – you need the full-featured Transport Management System (TMS) that our Enterprise plan offers.

    With Enterprise, take advantage of on-forwarder connections, carrier integrations, and accounting modules like:

    • Automated billing & invoicing
    • Xero and MYOB integration
    • Rate cards
    • Fuel levies
    • Least cost carrier
    • Real-time quotes
    • Additional services capture
    • RCTI & reverse billing
    • Invoice management

    Enterprise also gives you critical insights with reporting tools like:

    • DIFOT management
    • CoR compliance
    • BI dashboards

    And of course, you’ll also enable more efficient deliveries with:

    • Electronic proof of delivery (POD)
    • Courier and despatch
    • Route optimisation
    • Allocation controller
    • Driver and GPS tracking
    • Delivery management
    • Multi depot support
    • Geotags and timestamps
    • Capture photo proof
    • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • How long does implementation take?

    Some projects can be set up in a day while some can take up to 4 weeks – and don’t worry, we view implementation as a partnership and a shared process.

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    • Rated 4.9 / 5

    Get freight where it needs to be. Faster.

    “Since implementing Transvirtual we have significantly decreased our admin time.”
    Ellie T.

    “Easy to use, industry leading EDI, extensive use of mobile devices to track items at every single point.”

    Oliver G.

    “TransVirtual has easily accommodated the demands of our entire network.”

    Ops Manager