TransVirtual vs. Track-POD

If you are looking for a complete TMS logistics solution, then you may want to compare TransVirtual with Track-POD before deciding. Our clients consistently report that we are the most comprehensive logistics software on the market.

Smart Transport Solutions Real-Time Tracking and Secure Proof of Delivery
How does Transvirtual compare to Track-POD? Track-POD
Allocation Controller
Multi Depot Support
On-Forwarder Connections
Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD)
Route Optimisation
Automated Billing & Invoicing
Rate Cards
Fuel Levies
Least Cost Carrier
Real Time Quotes
Additional Services Capture
RCTI & Reverse Billing
Invoice Management
Comprehensive EDI
Customer Service Tickets
Fleet Management
DIFOT Management
CoR Compliance
Pallet Control
BI Dashboards
*Information on different features taken directly from company websites.

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