Month: February 2022

Proactive Fleet Management

by Troy Searle, 28 February 2022

How to take the headache out of fleet maintenance Having a proactive fleet management can be a painful task. It comes up when you least expect it, majorly disrupting your day. It can also be really expensive.  Sudden repairs. Ensuring compliance. Keeping all regos up to date. Is the insurance...

Intermodal vs. Multimodal Shipping Options

by Troy Searle, 14 February 2022

Since the pandemic hit in early 2020, Australian businesses and consumers are continuing to deal with supply chain problems. Experts say the issues will last well into 2022.  There’s long been a misunderstanding of the global supply chain to regular consumers. But, the pandemic-induced problems make it obvious how global...

What is a Material Handling Equipment Supplier?

by Simon Unicomb, 11 February 2022

The global material handling equipment market was a $26.3 billion industry in 2020. With eCommerce on the rise, COVID-19 putting pressure on the supply chain, and the cost of labour steadily increasing, more and more companies are looking to increase their productivity. One of the most significant aspects of manufacturing...

Reducing the Cost of Last Mile Delivery

by Troy Searle, 2 February 2022

The ‘last mile’ of a delivery journey, when an item travels from a transport hub to its final destination, is a particularly costly and challenging part of the delivery process. In this article, we break down the costs associated with last mile delivery and what you can do to make...