Sign on Glass


Safe, contactless deliveries for driver and consumer in a post-COVID world.

Tools for reliable and contactless POD

When seconds matter, make the doorstep easy and safe. Use Sign on Glass for instant proof and reduce your stop time.

Turn phones into signature portals

Capture signatures quickly and easily with just a mobile device. Proof of delivery is uploaded instantly and is visible to everyone in your network.


Give better service

Drivers can send confirmation to the customer while they’re still on the doorstep. Agents know exactly where their freight is. Communicate better for better customer service.

See instant records

Record pickups and deliveries instantly for easy track and trace with complete visibility. Stop wasting time chasing lost freight and stop interrupting your drivers.


Set up contactless delivery

Be reassured by reliable contactless delivery in a post-COVID world. Keep your drivers and consumers safe while knowing exactly where your freight is.


  • Rated 4.9 / 5

A must-have tool for running a profitable transport and delivery business.

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